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FAQs About Hot Melt Glue Sticks

Hot glue guns must be matched to the correct hot glue stick size to function properly. Here are the most common hot glue stick sizes. If you need more information, check our our in-depth guide to choosing the right hot glue stick size

Most Common Hot Glue Stick Sizes

Plastic can be a very difficult substrate to bond, especially PE (Polyethylene) and PP (Polypropylene) plastics. After testing over a hundred different formulations, SuperTAC 500 has shown to provide the strongest bonds to a wide range of plastic substrates. 

The amount of options can be overwhelming when it comes to choosing the best hot melt glue stick for your application. To choose the best hot glue stick, try to find answers to the following questions below to narrow down the perfect product. 

  • What are the substrates I am bonding?
  • What kind of open time do I need (short, medium long)
  • Are there any unique needs for my application (ie freezer resistance, high heat resistance, color, etc)

Otherwise, hot melt glue stick sample pack are a great low cost way to test a number of different formulations and you can always contact a hot melt expert for advice. 

High temperature hot glue sticks (also called Standard Temperature) are dispensed between 325F and 400F. Low temperature glue sticks are tyipically dispensed between 250F and 300F. For a complete guide to hot glue stick temperatures check out our High Temp vs Low Temp hot melt glue stick guide. 

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