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Side view of Nordson ProBlue 7 glue machine

Service and Support for Nordson® Hot Melt Systems

Check out our resources for maintaining Nordson equipment to minimize downtime and keep your production humming.

Service for Nordson® Systems

Hot Melt Solutions For Every Application

As one of the world's largest hot melt distributors, we offer adhesives and dispensing equipment to cover nearly every application. From high-volume packaging to home projects, chances are we have just what you need.

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hot melt dispensing equipment for packaging and case and carton sealing

Hot Melt for High-Volume Packaging

We supply packaging adhesives and dispensing equipment to some of the largest manufacturers in North America. From packaging hot melt to bulk dispensing equipment and replacement parts for Nordson® equipment, we have the products and expertise to keep your operations running smoothly. 

Want to save on costs? As material costs increase and margins continue to shrink, we can help you find ways to save on adhesives and equipment costs. Contact us today for no-hassle advice on cost-saving solutions.

Hot Melt For Product Assembly

Hot melts are often the ideal adhesive for product assembly. As such, we offer many specially-designed adhesives for this manufacturing task, including glue sticks for product assembly, bulk hot melt for product assembly, and PUR adhesives for product assembly.

Every application is unique and requires testing to find the right product. For this reason, we provide a lab testing service to manufacturers. Let us test samples of your substrates using a variety of adhesives to find the perfect solution for you. If you'd like to send samples for lab testing, don't hesitate to reach out.

two engineers inspecting product assembly hot melt
hot melt adhesive applied to wood with industrial glue gun

Hot Melt For Professional Applications

In many trades, hot melt adhesives have become an integral tool. PUR adhesives, for example, are now indispensable to many woodworkers. You can also use our specialty hot melts for various commercial applications, such as precast concrete adhesives, edgebanding adhesives, and wood knot-filling adhesives.

If you're looking for a specialty hot melt for your application, don't hesitate to ask us for a recommendation.

Hot Melt For Home Projects

Maybe you need woodworking glue for a home improvement project or hobby and craft glue for weekend crafting with the kids. Or maybe your hobby has grown into a full-time business, and you need some packaging glue for cardboard boxes.

No matter what it is, we've got you covered with our extensive catalog of the best hot glue sticks and hot glue guns — all at the best prices.

hot glue stick being applied to crafts

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Consult A Hot Melt Expert

We love helping companies figure out the best glue and equipment for their application — it's our specialty and what we've been doing for decades. Our team of application specialists has seen it all and can help you navigate the thousands of options to find the perfect solution for your needs.

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