1" X 3" PG hot melt stick options

PG Hot Melt Slug (1" X 3") Overview

The 1" by 3" glue stick (also known as the PG glue stick) was created by 3M for use with their Polygun PG II. There are currently no other glue guns that utilize the 1 inch stick size but because of how wildly popular the 3M PG II has been (along with how long it has been around) the 1" X 3" glue stick is in great demand. 

Because of this demand, manufacturers like Surebonder, Ad Tech and Infinity have also created formulations in the PG size. In this article, we will lay out all of the options you have when using 1 inch by 3 inch glue sticks. 

AdTech 1" X 3" PG Glue Sticks

3M 1" X 3" PG Glue Sticks

Surebonder 1" X 3" PG Glue Sticks

Infinity 1" X 3" PG Glue Sticks

For additional formulations visit our complete Glue Sticks page or contact us to find the right formulation for your application.  

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