1/2" (12mm) Glue Stick Recommendations By Application

We are often asked, "what is the best glue stick for [insert application here]", so we decided to write down some of our favorite hot melt sticks based on the how they are being used by different industries. 


Infinity WoodTac - The Infinity WoodTac is the best tested woodworking hot melt of the group for general purpose and wood to wood applications. 

Power Adhesives TEC 1942 - This is a high strength hot melt that works well on a variety of surfaces, but dominates when bonding wood to wood.

Ad Tech 962-110 - This hot melt was design specifically for general purpose woodworking applications. It's viscosity allows for high delivery rates and a open time of 20-40 seconds.

Arts & Crafts

Infinity Average Joe - Easily our top selling general purpose. It isn't limited to just arts & crafts, but we find it being used as a go-to product for simple craft projects. We also see this hot melt being used in product assembly. Best part is we sell it in 5 lb, 10 lb. and 25 lb increments.

Infinity Colored Hot Melt Glue Stick Pack - Get a little bit of every color in your life. We have a variety of colored 1/2" glue sticks offered on Hotmelt.com.

Surebonder 725 - General Purpose glue sticks, we like these glue sticks simply because they offer more 'stickiness' than others. These glue sticks are clear when melted, but have a slight yellow tint when in stick form.


Infinity Templator - One of our biggest customers absolutely love this hot melt for templating. Easily bond luan, cardboard, Templast, and polystrene that are used in the templating process.

Power Adhesives TEC 213 - This general assembly hot melt has been recommend by the manufacturer for this application and we have had positive feedback from customers.

Electrical Potting

Power Adhesives 7718 - Top seller for electrical potting most our customers buy this in black and cola. **This hot melt is also used for knot-filling.


Infinity InfinityPack - Low cost, works amazing. Not much more to say.

Ad Tech 610-110 - One of the most tried and true formulations for packaging on the market. We have been selling this packaging hot melt for years.

Power Adhesives TEC 14 - Another popular packaging hot melt that is fast setting and offers superior bonding to cardboard.

Surebonder 711 - Cost effective and offers great results, the Surebonder line has been with us for about a year now and we definitely like the cost savings it gives to our customers. This hot melt works for many general packaging applications call us if you would like to try a sample!

Plastic Bonding

Infinity SuperTAC 500 - We have had quite a bit of success with this product when hot melt doesn't seem to be sticking. Works well with PE, PP, PET, and PVC.

Infinity Tough Guy - So popular it's available in 1 lb, 5 lb, 10 lbs and 25 lbs. We are constantly finding new applications for this hot melt. We have yet to find something it doesn't bond this is our go to for difficult to bond substrates.

Is your applications not covered above? Need a different size hot melt glue stick? Please contact us with any questions about your hot melt application 877-933-3343.

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