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Nordson® Refurbished Glue Melter FAQ

You can continue to make repairs, but the entire system continues to age and deteriorate which will ultimately continue to cause downtime and cost money. The cost of parts and the time to install them can easily surpass the refurb cost and you get a unit that looks like new and a one-year warranty.

Absolutely. Instead paying to dispose of your old Nordson® glue melters, we will buy them back from you. Depending on the Nordson® unit you have, we will buy it back in almost any condition for between $500 and $1,750 and the process is quick and easy. 

Yes! We have two options to keep you up and running with zero down time. 

Option 1: You can opt for a rebuilt exchange. We will send you a fully refurbished Nordson® unit of the same specs that you can install and ship your unit back in exchange. 

Option 2: If you would prefer to have your exact Nordson® unit back, we can provide a equivalent loaner at minimal charge while your unit is under repair. We also have local service technicians available to help make the swap or do the installation.

Yes, we warranty our work on Nordson® Melters for one year with the exception of used or refurbished boards. These components have a 6 month warranty. 

Our goal is to bring complete piece of mind to all of the Nordson® hot melt machines that we refurbish. Here is a list of the services we perform with going through the Nordson® Refurb process.

  • 1 year warranty

  • Complete pump and manifold rebuilds

  • Panels cleaned and painted

  • Power module boards are repaired

  • Testing of all electrical components

  • Complete system validation prior to shipment

  • Full electrical and systems quality check before it leaves our factory

  • Ability to get a hot melt system on loan or via our “trade in” program to keep you up and running

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