Keep Your Nordson Machines Running Smoothly  

Disassembled Nordson ProBlue 7 glue machine with dried glue stuck inside

Maintaining your Nordson systems is essential for reliable adhesive application and high-quality production.

A well-maintained system ensures the adhesive is consistently melted, transported, and dispensed at the correct temperature and flow rate, resulting in strong and durable bonds.

Without regular maintenance, you risk inconsistent adhesive patterns, clogged nozzles, leaks, and even system breakdowns, leading to costly downtime and reduced product quality.

Find Nordson Replacement Parts

We created a Nordson parts database to make it quick and easy to find replacements for your Nordson parts. We offer high-quality USA-made KEYSTONE parts and a selection of Nordson brand parts.

Troubleshoot Your Nordson Systems

Nordson manuals can be difficult to find, so we've the linked the official Nordson ProBlue® manuals and official DuraBlue® manuals for your convenience.

Get Your Nordson Machines Refurbished

Are your glue machines in need of an overhaul? Check out of Nordson refurbishment program where we'll restore your melters to tip top condition.

Sell Your Used Nordson Equipment

Looking to offload your old machines? Let us buy them from you! With our Nordson buy back program you receive cash or credit for your old Nordson equipment.

Ask Questions About Nordson Equipment

Need to ask some technical questions? No problem. You can contact us any time and we'll connect you with an equipment expert for no-cost assistance with your Nordson equipment. Is Here to Help is not affiliated with Nordson. We offer a number of other popular hot melt systems but not Nordson.

However, we sell a LOT of hot melt adhesives, and many of our adhesive customers use Nordson hot melt systems. It's no surprise — Nordson makes some great excellent hot melt equipment.

We hear a lot of complaints that parts and service can be a real headache. That parts are too expensive or difficult to find. That it's difficult to get someone on the phone. We'd like to change that.

Use the links above or contact us today for fast, friendly assistance with your Nordson equipment. is not affiliated with the Nordson® Corporation. All OEM part numbers are for reference only. Nordson® is a registered trademark of the Nordson® Corporation