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We Are the Industry’s Hot Melt Experts

Since 1971, APPLIED Adhesives has been an industry leader and we are passionate about solving complex challenges with innovative adhesive and dispensing equipment solutions. APPLIED can help optimize manufacturing processes, reduce waste, improve process efficiency, and deliver low-cost solutions.

We are a complete adhesives solutions partner with a cost-in-use approach that saves you time and money. Our experts source the products and equipment you need while providing maintenance services that help keep you up and running.
Know you’re in good company—the world’s leading and most trusted adhesive and dispensing equipment manufacturers choose APPLIED.

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What We Do: Serve. Solve. Save.

Our team of adhesive experts, applications specialists, and engineers will work with you to develop customized solutions that can meet your most challenging adhesive and sealant needs. You get an array of interconnected services that ensure the highest quality, most cost- and energy-efficient solutions, including:

  • Wide array of adhesive and sealant chemistries
  • Custom dispensing equipment solutions
  • Extensive selection and inventory of replacement parts
  • On-site service and preventative maintenance equipment programs

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What can we help you with today? We want to connect you with the resources you need. If you’ve got a question about:

  • Bulk Hot Melt
  • Hot Melt Sticks
  • PUR Hot Melt
  • High Volume Packaging
  • Product Assembly Applications
  • Woodworking Applications
  • Industrial Applications
  • Solutions for Contractors and Small Businesses
  • Hobby and Craft Products

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