5 Ways InvisiPac’s Remote Monitoring Systems Lowers Cost and Increases Productivity

Since it was first introduced on the market, the Graco InvisiPac Hot Melt System has revolutionized hot melt technology in the packaging industry. The innovative technology used in the InvisiPac system has been proven to lower manufacturing costs and waste, and significantly increase productivity. The secret behind the InvisiPac is its tank-less design and vacuum pull system, which means less time waiting for your hot tanks to heat up, dealing with maintenance like char removal and clogs in your hoses and nozzles, and overspending on expensive adhesive

Graco InvisiPac LineSite Remote Monitoring

Welcome back to Hotmelt.com’s continuing series on the Graco InvisiPac Hot Melt System – a huge technological leap forward that is changing the way the packaging industry uses hot melt.  Thus far, we have covered the big news that Graco and Hotmelt.com have formed a distribution partnership to bring our customers the InvisiPac system, and we’ve given you a comprehensive guide to how the InvisiPac works, and how it is specially designed to solve the most pressing problems that currently frustrate packaging operations around the country.

Tired of Packaging Hot Melt Price Increases? Introducing Infinity Bond ProPACK

Tired of Price Increases on Bulk Hot Melt? We've Got You. Let's face it, there have been a lot of price increases on packaging hot melt adhesives lately. Like, a lot of price increases. To fight these rising costs, Infinity Bond has formulated a completely new type of packaging hot melt with superior performance and price savings in mind. Quite simply, ProPACK is better hot melt for less.

Hotmelt.com Announces USA Distributor Partnership with Kleiberit Adhesives

Hotmelt.com is pleased to announce its partnership with Kleiberit Adhesives. As a trusted leader in the adhesive industry, Hotmelt.com is committed...

Top 5 Benefits of Metallocene Hot Melt

Metallocene or metallocene blends are hot melts that typically have less volume and are less dense than other kinds of hot melts like EVAs. Metallocene offers optimal strength while using less glue, so it’s great for applications where you need to use less adhesive without compromising strength.

Mountain View Packaging Saves 50% With Hot Melt Dotting

Mountain View Packaging in Boise, Idaho had been using lines of hot melt for years, with a hefty annual adhesive budget. Mountain View Packaging Maintenance Manager, Victor Sheldon, responsible for keeping ADCO Manufacturing's vertical cartoners running optimally, was looking for a cost-saving solution.

Introducing Infinity Bond's New superPUR Polyurethane PUR Hot Melt

Infinity Bond superPUR is a new line of polyurethane reactive adhesives brought to you by Hotmelt.com. This new product line offers all of the bene...

Hotmelt.com Announces Key Partnership with Jowat Adhesives

Hotmelt.com is pleased to announce its partnership with Jowat Adhesives. As a trusted leader in the adhesive industry for over 25 years, Hotmelt.co...

3 Options for Golf Club Customization with Hot Melt

Looking for the ultimate golf club customization experience? Hot melt provides a number of ways to fine tun the weight of your club head while red...

Five Reasons to Buy Generic Nordson Hot Melt Parts

Here at Hotmelt.com, we are committed to saving you money – and if that clichéd platitude doesn’t sound like airy, corporate boilerplate that you ...

Wisdom Adhesives Worldwide – Product Guide

At Hotmelt.com, we are always proud to offer our customers an extensive line of high quality and performance products from the biggest, and most r...

Surebonder Quadrack Glue Sticks Now Available

Surebonder, the leading manufacturer of high-quality glue guns and hot melt adhesive, has just released Quadrack glue sticks. They currently offer Quadrack glue sticks in their 701 and 725 formulas. About the 3M Quadrack Size Hot Melt Stick Previously, the Quadrack glue stick was only available from the 3M corporation. Surebonder is the first company to come out with a ribbed, Quadrack stick size to offer an alternative to the 3M brand. These sticks are available in Surebonder's most popular formulations and offer a significant savings over their 3M counterparts.