3 Options for golf club weighting using hot melt

Looking for the ultimate golf club customization experience? Hot melt provides a number of ways to fine tun the weight of your club head while reducing vibration, creating a smooth, totally customized weight and feel. 

How it's done.

Golf club customization with hot melt utilizes a pressure sensitive formula. This type of hot melt, always remains sticky instead of curing like traditional packaging and woodworking products. This allows to the hot melt to be applied without fear of it becoming dislodged and rattling around in your club head. 

Option 1: Standard Golf Club Weighting Kit

Hotmelt.com carries a simple to use, low cost golf club weighting kit from Infinity Bond. It includes a pressure sensitive cartridge and nozzle for use with the Surebonder PRO 100 guns. This complete kit is all you need to start building your perfect club. For $70, there isn't a less expensive way to get started. And if you need more adhesive cartridges, replacements can be purchased individually here

Option 2: Advanced Golf Club Weighting Kit

The Advanced Golf Club Weighting Kit is similar to the standard kit, offering a strong, pressure sensitive adhesive in a 50 gram cartridges. The Advanced Kit really shines with an updated cartridge gun that is more robust and will stand up to longer term use. If you can spend a little more, we highly recommend the Advanced kit. Additional cartridges for the advanced kit can be found here

Option 3: High Volume Golf Club Weighting Kit

Going to be customizing a lot of golf clubs or just want the very best the market has to offer? See our high end golf club customization kit. This system utilizes a bulk hot melt gun, precision nozzle and bulk pressure sensitive hot melt. Although the gun is more expensive, buying the adhesive in bulk is more cost effective if you are doing a high volume of customizations. Additional bulk hot melt for this kit can be found here

Tips and Tricks

Because of the long custom nozzle on all of these systems, this gun must heated for at least 20 minutes. It is also a good idea to separately heat the nozzle with a lighter or flame, especially after you have used the unit and let it cool.

DO NOT squeeze too quickly on the entry level system. This will cause the trigger or dispensing gear to break. Let the adhesive dispense at its own pace to avoid damage to the gun. 

Questions? Contact us to discuss all of the products available for golf club customization using hot melt adhesives. 

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