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At Hotmelt.com, we are always proud to offer our customers an extensive line of high quality and performance products from the biggest, and most reputable names in the industry. We guarantee that you will find the product you’re looking for at the most affordable price around. Hotmelt recently announced our new partnership with Wisdom Adhesives Worldwide, one of the world leaders in hot melt and water-based adhesives since 1875, operating right here in the United States.

Wisdom Adhesives manufactures and develops custom-made industrial adhesives for a number of industries across the globe. These include, but are not limited to the packaging, textile, assembly, bookbinding, graphic arts, and general-purpose industries, just to name a few. Their main facility, located in Elgin, IL features the most advanced, and eco-friendly processing equipment available, as well as a team of dedicated on-site scientists and engineers constantly working to improve the quality and dependability of their products.

This article will take a look at the extensive line of Wisdom products that are now available at Hotmelt.com. We’ll highlight certain models in each catalogue and walk you through some of their various applications as well.

Protein and Copolymer Adhesives

WizBind – For On-Demand Printing and Bookbinding

WizBind is a product line of specialty adhesives that are designed for a wide range of on-demand bookbinding and printing applications. This includes, but is not limited to general binding, casing-in, and case making applications. WizBind features a number of water-based, hot melt, and protein-based adhesives that are designed to fit individual binder needs and original manufacturers’ specifications. Let’s look at a few of the individual WizBind products to get a better idea of their versatility and value.

  • R149H – General Purpose Adhesive

The WizBind R149H is a general purpose, water-based copolymer adhesive that is used mainly for casing-in applications.

  • R134 – Economical Casing-In Product

WizBind R134, unlike the broader applicable R149H, is designed specifically for casing-in applications. It is comprised of a water-based copolymer-homopolymer blend that features a longer lifespan and excellent adhesive quality.

  • 2010B – General Purpose Protein Adhesive

WizBind also produces protein-based industrial adhesives, such as the WizBind 2010B all-purpose adhesive. This product is generally considered the go-to general-purpose protein adhesive product, primarily used in case making applications.

  • WIS-H16 – High Performance Hot Melt Adhesive

Along with water and protein-based adhesives, WizBind also features hot melt adhesives. One such hot melt product is WIS-H16, a high performance hot melt adhesive used exclusively for binding applications. Like other hot melt products from Wisdom, this adhesive has excellent adhesive properties, and helps to reduce costs by eliminating charring and reducing maintenance and production downtime.

Water-Based Adhesive Products

Wisdom Adhesives also manufactures an extensive line of water-based adhesives. These adhesives are comprised of polymers and formulated solutions that must be mixed with water in order to obtain adhesive properties. These products are safe, fast setting, adhere to a variety of substrate surfaces, and resistant to high temperatures.

1. WizBond Series - For Packaging and Paper Converting Applications

The WizBond series of water-based adhesives are specially formulated for packaging and paper converting applications, including food packaging. Let’s take a look at some products included in this catalogue.

  • WizBond W3327LN – Glued Lap and Laminating Applications

This high-performance laminating adhesive is specifically used for paper and paperboard surfaces, and offers a high degree of water resistance, operating in a wide temperature range and available at a great price. It’s non-toxic and has excellent adhesive properties, which means you use less of it to get the same quality results as other adhesives.

  • WizBond R149MA – Packaging and Assembly Applications

R149MA is a high-performance, general-purpose water-based adhesive that is used mostly in packaging and assembly applications. It has superior adhesive qualities, excellent resistance properties, is environmentally safe, and also operates in a wide temperature range.

2. WizBond II Series

The WizBond II series are a group of maximum strength water-based adhesives that are used mainly for high performance labeling, glued lap, and laminating applications. These have high-quality adhesive properties, are environmentally safe, and are highly resistant to water.

  • WizBond II WZBS067HE – Lamination and Cardboard

WizBond II WZBS067HE is a high performance glued lap and lamination adhesive that was specifically developed for paper and cardboard surfaces. Like other WizBond adhesives, WZBS067HE adheres to a variety of paper surfaces, is safe and eco-friendly, and works in a wide temperature range.

  • WizBond II WZBS067CE – Case, Carton and Tray-Sealing Applications

WizBond II WZBS067CE is another water-based adhesive, used exclusively for carton and tray manufacturing and labeling applications. This is an idea adhesive for this industry owing to its degree of resistance to water, as well as its ability to adhere to a wide range of paper and paperboard surfaces, affordability, and high quality adhesive properties.

Hot Melt Adhesives

Wisdom Adhesives Worldwide also manufactures a wide variety of the more commonly used hot melt adhesives. These adhesives are solvent-free and made from 100% non-volatile thermoplastic materials. Hot melt adhesives are melted down and applied in a molten state, and formulated for set speed, bonding range, desired adhesion, and heat and cold resistance properties.

Wisdom offers several series of hot melt adhesives, including their Mileage Melt and ClearBond adhesive series. Let’s take a closer look at these two series of hot melt adhesives.

1. Mileage Melt

Mileage Melt is a high performance general application hot melt adhesive that offers customers a solid, adhesive performance at a cost that’s lower than other industrial adhesives. It has good adhesive properties, eliminates charring, reduces maintenance costs, and has excellent thermal and pot stability.

  • Mileage Melt MM9625 – Case, Carton and Tray-Sealing Packaging Applications 

Mileage Melt MM9625 is specially engineered to adhere to paper and paperboard surfaces for a number of applications. Mileage Melt adhesives also feature optimum running viscosities and operate in a wide temperature range. They also help to eliminate production downtime and charring, which leads to lower maintenance costs.

  • Mileage Melt MM8107 – Case, Carton and Tray-Sealing Packaging Applications 

MM8107 is a specially formulated EVA-based hot melt adhesive that is used for more difficult to adhere substrate surfaces. When used for these specific applications, MM8107 helps to reduce costs by up to 35% and provide optimum adhesive performance in the carton and tray packaging industries.

2. ClearBond

Wisdom Adhesives has recently reintroduced their improved ClearBond Hot Melt adhesive technology for the packaging industry. These new hot melt adhesives are more economical than ever before, offering extended performance and mileage, and saving up to 35% in production costs. The ClearBond series has excellent adhesive properties and thermal and pot stability, and reduces charring, maintenance, and production downtime. Let’s look at two of these products below:

  • ClearBond H525OLT - Case,            Tray and Carton Sealing Applications

H525OLT is a member of the true metalocene line of hot melt adhesives, meaning it was developed based on DOW Chemical’s Affinity® and Engage® Metalocene Technology. It’s a low temperature hot melt adhesive designed specifically for case, tray, and carton sealing applications.

  •    ClearBond H7103 - Packaging, Graphic Arts and Bookbinding Applications

H7103 is a hot melt adhesive with a longer open time designed specifically for graphic arts, bookbinding, and packaging applications. It has excellent adhesive properties, is eco-friendly, and is safe and easy to use. Plus, like other ClearBond and Mileage Melt products, can reduce production costs by up to 35%.

Wisdom Adhesives Worldwide features a wide variety of industrial adhesive products, and they are all now available at Hotmelt.com. Our professionals can help you narrow your search so that you find exactly the right adhesive for your industrial application needs. Call us today at (877) 933-3343, or visit our website at www.hotmelt.com and search the entire line of Wisdom Adhesive products.

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