Announces Partnership With Kleiberit is pleased to announce its partnership with Kleiberit Adhesives. As a trusted leader in the adhesive industry, is committed to meeting the adhesive needs of customers across the world. Through the strategic partnership with Kleiberit Adhesives, has expanded upon its ability to offer a comprehensive solution to manufacturers in the wood, furniture, paper, and edgebanding industries

Introducing Kleiberit Adhesives

Kleiberit adhesives is an integral part of the world we live in. The southern Germany-based company has one of the most modern and innovative research and production centers worldwide. Kleiberit offers many innovative adhesive systems for a wide field of applications. The product range is designed specifically for customer requirements and worldwide availability is ensured with an intelligent logistics concept. 

Key Applications for Kleiberit Products

With dozens of applications, Kleiberit's adhesives were formulated to promote product excellence in the following industries:

1. Woodworking and Furniture Manufacturers: Kleiberit offers first-rate adhesives for manufacturers in the solid wood and durable wood industries. Their durable adhesive products are designed for use in windowframe assembly, parquet or edge banded panels, and manufacturers of outdoor wooden furniture. Kleiberit's adhesives are a top choice for applications that require heat and moisture resistance.

2. Packaging Companies: Kleiberit's adhesives are designed to increase efficiency across the entire packaging process chain. From the initial assembly and closing of bags, trays, and boxes to the labeling process, Kleiberit's adhesives create a powerful packaging bond. 

3. Edgebanding Manufacturers: Edgebanding of wood-based panels have evolved into its own unique industry over the years. With customers demanding the highest level of visual appeal in their furniture, Kleiberit has responded to manufacturing challenges that stand in the way of achieving a seamless bond. Serve, Save, Solve

At, our goal is simple: To serve you the best products on the market, save you as much money as possible, and solve any hot melt-related problem you've got. We strive to make sure that you get exactly what you need every time, whether that's one of our thousands of specialized products or expert guidance from our team of seasoned professionals.

How to Find Out Which Kleiberit Products are Right for Your Business

For a closer look at the Kleiberit product line, contact the adhesive experts at Our team of adhesive specialists have served customers in dozens of industries. We look forward to the opportunity to become your trusted solution for all of your adhesive needs.

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