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Top 5 Benefits of Metallocene Hot Melt

Top 5 Benefits of Metallocene Hot Melt

Metallocene based hot melt adhesives (or metallocene blends) are some of our favorite adhesives around the office. Why? Well, we put together a top 5 benefits list on the subject below.

Top 5 Benefits of Metallocene Hot Melt Adhesives

No Stringing or Very Minimum Stringing

Nothing ruins an application faster than hot melt stringing. It creates a mess, can compromise bond strength, and is a sign of bad hot melt or improper equipment settings. Many stringing issues are resolved by using a Metallocene hot melt. 

Eliminates Char or gel build up in tanks, hoses or nozzles

Metallocene hot melt melts more cleanly and holds up better in the tank which in turn creates less char. Less char means less clogged nozzles, hoses and ultimately less down time (that means more profit). 

Low Odor or no odor

Hot melt is a chemically safe adhesive but that doesn't mean it can't stink. Cheap bulk hot melt products, especially in poorly ventilated spaces, can become irritating or intolerable. Metallocene is clean burning and has virtually no odor. 

Resistances to extreme heat and cold

Metallocene products are higher quality and also have better heat and cold resistance. This means they can be used for a wide range of applications like freezer/refrigerator food products or microwavable packaging. Always test first to make sure the product is going to work for your specific needs. 

Excellent Pot Life due to thermal stability

We touched on this earlier but it's an important point. Metallocene can stay up to temperature significantly longer than traditional EVA products without charring or burning. This means you don't have to turn the tank off and wait for it to heat back up if you aren't going to be using it for a period of time. Again, less downtime means more production. 

    Well, those are our 5 top benefits of Metallocene bulk hot melt. Please contact us for bulk pricing or free samples to qualified applications. Our experts have helped hundreds of manufacturers and packagers with bulk hot melt applications and we're standing by to help save you time and money. Contact us here or call (877)933-3343.