Surebonder Quadrack hot melt glue sticks

Surebonder, the leading manufacturer of high-quality glue guns and hot melt adhesive, has just released Quadrack glue sticks. They currently offer Quadrack glue sticks in their 701 and 725 formulas.

About the 3M Quadrack Size Hot Melt Stick

Previously, the Quadrack glue stick was only available from the 3M corporation. Surebonder is the first company to come out with a ribbed, Quadrack stick size to offer an alternative to the 3M brand. These sticks are available in Surebonder's most popular formulations and offer a significant savings over their 3M counterparts. 

The Surebonder Quadrack Sticks Work With: 

Available Sticks

Surebonder Quad-701
This glue stick is tan color with a fast-set time, it's an excellent packaging adhesive. It works perfectly for corrugated packaging products, sealing cartons, pop displays, and woodworking. It's great for professionals, eBay merchants, hobbyists, and artists who work with heavier materials.

Surebonder Quad-725
This clear general purpose all-temp glue stick is a great choice for hobbyist and artist applications. It's medium set time allows the user some adjustment time if needed. Surebonder 725 works great on plastics, wood, metals, chipboard, chipboard, and much more. 

These glue sticks come have the ridges you have come to love that work with 3M Quadrack glue guns. Both Surebonder 701 and 725 are compliant with all of the applicable FDA regulations.

Brand Comparison

Both brands offer quality hot melt adhesives.

  • Surebonder's 701 is comparable to 3M 3762
  • Surebonder's 725 is similar to 3M's 3792

As always, feel free to reach out to one of our hot melt experts with questions or application help. 

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