announces partnership with Jowat Adhesives is pleased to announce its partnership with Jowat Adhesives. As a trusted leader in the adhesive industry for over 25 years, is committed to meeting the adhesive needs of customers across the world. Through its strategic partnership with Jowat Adhesives, has expanded upon its ability to offer a comprehensive solution to manufacturers in the wood, furniture, paper, and automotive industries.  

Why Build a Partnership with Jowat Adhesives?’s decision to partner with Jowat Adhesives involved more than a careful evaluation of Jowat’s key products. The team recognized that  Jowat shares’s commitment to excellent service and outstanding product quality.  Below are some of the key reasons why chose to forge a partnership with Jowat Adhesives:  

  • Experience: Jowat possesses nearly 100 years of experience in the adhesive industry
  • Customer Dedication: Like, Jowat is fiercely dedicated to fulfilling the needs of their customers
  • A Focus on Innovation: Jowat is strongly commitment to continued innovation and product development
  • Production Efficiency: Workplace efficiency, safety, and robust machinery are top priorities for Jowat
  • Commitment to Quality: Jowat is ISO-certified, exhibiting their commitment to the highest quality standards
  • Environmental Protection: Waste avoidance and reduction is an ongoing goal for Jowat as they develop new products
  • Global Success: Jowat’s products are used in 80 countries across the globe

What are Some Key Applications for Jowat’s Products?  

In addition to their commitment to quality and innovation, Jowat has spent decades expanding their product scope to meet the specific needs of a diverse host of industries. With dozens of applications, Jowat’s adhesives were formulated to promote product excellence in the following key industries:

1) Woodworking and Furniture Manufacturers: Jowat offers first-rate adhesives for manufacturers in the solid wood and durable wood industries. Their durable adhesive products are designed for use in windowframe assembly, parquet or edge bonded panels, and manufacturers of outdoor wooden furniture. Jowat’s adhesives are a top choice for outdoor furniture manufacturers due to their high resistance to heat and moisture.

2) Graphics Professionals: Jowat is globally recognized for their success in bonding within the graphics industry. Through continued product development, Jowat has responded to the rapidly changing demands of the graphics industry. With expertise in print sheet film lamination and rotary fold bonding, Jowat has become a leader in the paper adhesive arena.

3) Packaging Companies: Jowat’s adhesives are designed to increase efficiency across the entire packaging process chain. From the initial assembly and closing of bags, trays, and boxes to the labeling process, Jowat’s adhesives create a powerful packaging bond.

4) Automotive Manufacturers: Assembling the average vehicle requires roughly 15 kg of adhesive products. Many of these adhesives are used to manufacture the car’s interior. Jowat has responded to the auto industry’s need for innovative adhesives by creating adhesive products that can be applied throughout the entire automotive supply chain. Specific automotive applications include attaching emblems, seat covers, trunk liners, and decorative trim.

5) Textile Manufacturers: The unique demands of the textile industry require high strength adhesives even when basic weight is minimal. Adhesives must also possess high levels of resistance to endure repeated washing and sterilization. Jowat’s hot melt adhesives were formulated to meet these requirements while simultaneously presenting extremely low emission risks to manufacturers in the garment industry.

6) Edgeband Manufacturers: Edgebanding of wood-based panels has evolved into its own unique industry over the years. With customers demanding the highest level of visual appeal in their furniture, Jowat has responded to manufacturing challenges that stand in the way of achieving a “zero bondline.” In particular, Jowat’s adhesives are designed to approach perfection by producing a glueline that is virtually invisible.  

In addition to the key industries outlined above, applications for Jowat’s products include mattress manufacturing, window profile wrapping, door manufacturing, flat lamination, and electrical applications.  

Why Can Serve Customers Better than Ever with Jowat Products  

As a result of’s partnership with Jowat, customers can now easily experience the outstanding adhesive properties of Jowat’s line of adhesives. offers a full line of Jowat adhesives, featuring products in the following three categories: 

1) Bulk hot melt adhesives. Customers can choose from a variety of Jowat hot melt products, including the following:

In addition to the three popular choices above, offers Jowat Jowatherm hot melt products designed specifically for use with slow machines, fast machines, BAZ machines, and high viscosity edgebanding uses.

2) Polyurethane PUR hot melt adhesives. offers the following Jowat PUR adhesive products:


3) Water-based adhesives. carries a variety of Jowat water-based adhesives, including the following:

How to Find Out Which Jowat Products are Right for Your Business  

For a more in-depth look at the Jowat Adhesive product line, contact the adhesive experts at For decades, our team of adhesive specialists has served customers in dozens of industries. Based in Minneapolis, offers a wide range of adhesive solutions to global distributors, contractors, and small businesses across the globe. We look forward to the opportunity to become your trusted solution for all of your adhesive needs.

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