Five reasons to buy generic Nordson hot melt parts

Here at, we are committed to saving you money – and if that clichéd platitude doesn’t sound like airy, corporate boilerplate that you hear from every other company hawking their wares then you’ve been living in a cave since the advent of advertising.

Well, words are cheap (says the blogger - apparently, irony is cheap, too) so we want to prove to you that we’re all about saving you money, and we’re going to start with this post: 

Nordson Equivalent. Except Made in America. And Less Expensive.

We have a lot of respect and love for the Nordson corporation. They make great adhesives equipment for a variety of applications, which makes many of our own customers happy, so we don’t really need any other reason to love them (except perhaps that they’re also fellow Midwesterners.)  However, the brand-name parts for their equipment like hot melt modules and hot melt nozzles are expensive – much more so than identical generic parts. So to demonstrate our commitment to saving you money, here are five reasons to buy generic hot melt parts that are compatible with Nordson equipment

1) You get a better price.

Computers, robots and the progressing state of the art have all driven down the cost of quality machining, so you don’t have to rely as much on big name corporations and their millions of dollars’ worth of equipment to get great parts. Generic brands like Melt Pro and Infinity produce the exact same parts, with all the availability and customization you need, at a much better price.

2) stands by its products’ quality.  

Your customers don’t tolerate shoddy, cut-rate work from you, and you shouldn’t tolerate it from us.  We hold ourselves – and all of the companies we work with – to the highest standards of quality.  That means the generic hot melt modules you buy from us meet original factory specifications and tolerances, and deliver peak operating performance.

3) You get more configuration options.  

The key to success in contracting, manufacturing or any other industries that use Nordson equipment is specialization – comprehensive mastery of a skill or service that no one else can match.  We get that – and we know that it often means specially sized hot melt nozzles or other parts for rare, specific application needs.  That’s why the generic brands we carry offer additional configuration options that you can’t get with brand-name parts.

4) You experience less downtime and fewer operating costs.  

Here are two counterintuitive facts that would have blown our grandfathers’ minds: In today’s world of precision machining and lightning-fast shipping, it’s actually much cheaper (and quicker) to replace most parts than to repair them – meaning you experience less downtime (and spend less on the resultant operating costs.)

5) All of our parts are made in the USA.  

We are an American manufacturer, so we’ve got American manufacturing’s back. You can rest assured that our generic brands’ parts are made right here in the home of the brave.

Need more information? Contact one of our hot melt engineers to discuss how to lower costs and increase productivity on your bulk hot melt application. 

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