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Infinity Bond superPUR is a new line of polyurethane reactive adhesives brought to you by This new product line offers all of the benefits of a polyurethane (PUR) adhesive at almost half the cost associated with other PUR adhesives. Plus, Infinity Bond superPUR addresses the typical concerns found with other PUR adhesives. Check out how they’ve done it below!

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Polyurethane adhesives aren’t new to the marketplace. PUR (pronounced P. U. R.) is best described as a group of one-component, moisture curing, urethane adhesive. superPUR was created to address the shortcomings of both traditional hot melt adhesives and those of industrial grade structural adhesives.


Traditional Hot Melt

Traditional hot melt adhesives create a physical bond by acting as an intermediary between the substrates. The substrates aren’t actually adhering with each other. Instead, each substrate adheres to the hot melt - which acts as a bridge connecting each substrate. This bridge, can weaken and fail. Hot melts don’t hold up to variable weather/conditions - this is especially true if the temperature rises, because the hot melt can begin softening and ultimately melt.

Pros of Traditional Hot Melt
  • Lower cost adhesive
  • Lower cost for equipment
  • Limited environmental concerns


 Cons of Traditional Hot Melt
  • Physical bond acts as an adhesive "bridge"
  • Adhesive must be heated to a high melting point which may damage certain substrates
  • Hot melt can soften (and weaken) after application when exposed to heat or other weather/conditions

Structural Adhesives

Two part structural adhesives provide much greater adhesive power. These adhesives get their name because two separate chemicals are housed in individual cartridges. The structural adhesive guns dispense both chemicals onto a substrate. When these mixtures come into contact with each other, they interact on the chemical level creating a “structural bond” by effectively changing the chemical properties of the substrates. A structural bond of this type provides an exceptionally strong bond when compared to hot melt.

However, the structural adhesives come with their own limitations. The adhesive is more expensive than traditional hot melt. The equipment needed to dispense structural adhesives can be be costly, raising the cost of entry. Additionally, these glue guns have a history of needing more maintenance and cleaning - which increases ongoing equipment expenses and downtime. Finally, the chemistry of the two-part adhesives carry ventilation requirements and can include environmental concerns.

Pros of Structural Adhesives
  • Structural adhesion of substrates is extremely strong
  • Can be applied at lower temperatures than traditional hot melt
Cons of Structural Adhesives
  • Higher cost for adhesive & equipment
  • Downtime for maintenance & cleaning
  • Environmental concerns

      PUR (Polyurethane Adhesives)

      PUR is a nice balance of traditional hot melt and structural adhesives. PUR is a one-part formulation which combines the initial speed of a hot melt adhesive with the strength of a structural adhesive. PURs are much better suited for holding bond in a variety of weather and conditions where typical hot melt adhesives fail. PUR’s cure with substrates due to mixing with moisture in the air. This bonding means that PURs do not melt or soften when reheated after application (like hot melt does). Additionally, PURs can be applied at lower temperatures allowing for application on sensitive substrates which can be damaged by high temperature hot melt. However, since the PUR cures when exposed to air, and will not melt when heated, PUR glue guns require cleaning after every use and have a reputation for mechanical failure when not maintained. For a more in-depth review of PUR, check out our complete guide to polyurethane PUR hot melt adhesives. 

      Pros of PUR
      • Enhanced bond compared to hot melt adhesives
      • Bond holds through weather/adverse conditions
      • Can be applied at lower temperatures
      • No VOCs - 100% Solids
      Cons of PUR
      • Requires routine cleaning/purging of equipment
      • Carry a shorter shelf-life (around 12 months)
      • Require more specialized guns and/or equipment

      Industries that use PUR Hot Melt

      What is superPUR?

      Infinity Bond's new line of superPUR offers an incredible adhesive with a 60% savings over other industry leading PUR ahesives. superPUR cannot be beat in terms of price, performance, and ease-of-use. One of the common shortcomings of other PUR adhesives is the time it takes to clean and purge equipment after every use. With every purchase of superPUR 10 oz cartridge pack, you recieve 2 plastic disposable nozzles for your glue gun. After using the PUR simply detach the plastic nozzle and throw it away. This game-changer will save you on time, money and the integrity of your equipment. There's no more downtime due to purging and cleaning your guns! 

      Infinity Bond superPUR 30 - 10 Ounce Cartridge with Nozzle

      30 Second Open Time

      Infinity Bond superPUR 60 Polyurethane Adhesive Cartridge

      Infinity Bond superPUR 60 - 10 Ounce Cartridge with Nozzle

      60 Second Open Time

      Infinity Bond superPUR 180 Polyurethane Adhesive Cartridge

      Infinity Bond superPUR 180 - 10 Ounce Cartridge with Nozzle

      180 Second Open Time

       How to Apply superPUR

      superPUR adhesive can be applied at temps ranging from 85°C to 140°C (185°F to 284°F). This is much cooler than other hot melt adhesives. It is common for other hot melts to reach temps of 190°C to 230°C (375°F to 450°F). Cooler temperatures makes superPUR a great candidate for substrates that are sensitive to high heat.

      In addition, the viscosity of PUR hot melt can be engineered from 2,000 cPs all the way up to 60,000 cPs. At a higher viscosity, it will set and quickly become structurally rigid. This makes PUR excellent for in-line manufacturing when speed is of the essence. superPUR can also be formulated to have an open time up to 10 minutes. This flexibility allows for a variety of application methods to match unique production requirements. 

      Despite the similar dispensing method, the chemistry behind PUR adhesives makes it truly unique. PUR’s ability to wick moisture from its surroundings gives the adhesive greater flexibility and durability. It creates an efficient bond with excellent temperature and moisture tolerance, along with reduced labor time. superPUR products can bond unlike surfaces and deliver superior results under a variety of temperatures or conditions. Many factories and craftsmen now list superPUR as their adhesive of choice.

      Dispensing PUR

      superPUR is surprisingly uncomplicated for such a powerful adhesive. The application process is fairly simple, and requires very little equipment. superPUR combines the production benefits of a hot melt adhesive, with the bonding performance of a two-part structural adhesive. This “single system” product is easy to dispense with no additional metering, mixing or curing. Because PUR hot melt is 100% solid, there are no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) to worry about. Not only does this eliminate the environmental and health concerns, it also reduces the extra time and energy expenditure associated with drying ovens, safety gear, and other equipment needed to work with water and solvent based adhesives.

      Using Cartridge PUR Systems

      More popular than ever is dispensing PUR adhesives from smaller, less expensive cartridge guns. These easy to use dispensing systems are affordable, easy-to-use and aren't tethered to bulky melters that hinder movement and application freedom. Infinity PUR cartridges are available in 50 gram and 10 ounce sizes and work with all standard cartridge guns. 

      50 Gram System

      • Cordless 
      • Very Low Cost
      • Simple Operation

      Infinity PUR Applicator for 50 Gram PUR Hot Melt Cartridges


      Infinity PUR Applicator for 50 Gram PUR Hot Melt Cartridges $90

      10 Ounce System

      • Industrial Grade
      • Higher Volume
      • Disposable Nozzles

      Reka TR 700 Polyurethane PUR Glue Gun

      Reka TR 700 Polyurethane (PUR) Glue Gun $1,095

      Using Bulk PUR Systems

      Bulk PUR is a great option for automated or extremely high volume dispensing applications. There are equipment drawbacks in terms of cost and maintenance but also cost savings using PUR in bulk sizes. The two most common bulk PUR sizes are HOLZ-HER slugs used in edgebanding equipment and foil wrapped slugs used in high volume and automated PUR equipment. Bulk PUR can also allow for more formulation options as it is less difficult to manufacture and pack.

      Holz-Her Slugs
      For HOLZ-HER Edgebanding Machines
      HOLZ-HER Bulk PUR Slugs
      Bulk PUR Slugs

      For Use in Bulk PUR Dispensing Systems

      Bulk PUR Products Polyurethane Reactive Hot Melt


      Applications & Benefits

      superPUR is a single-use system adhesive with a flexible application temperature and viscosity. Because of these properties, it is used in a variety of applications - from food packaging to furniture assembly.

      Common Applications:

      • Woodworking
      • Cabinetry, Counter Tops and Furniture Assembly
      • Door, Window and Floor Manufacturing
      • Automotive Manufacturing
      • Product Assembly


      • Perfect for bonding difficult substrates
      • Excellent immediate (green) tack
      • Quick achievement of final bond strength
      • Great adhesion to many surfaces
      • Great flexibility
      • Lay-flat friendliness
      • Clear appearance

        Woodworking- Carpenters, contractors, woodworkers and furniture manufacturers find Infinity Bond superPUR affordable, efficient, and versatile. PUR can be used as the primary bond for many structural and aesthetic applications. While traditional hot melt has been used for years to affix panels, PUR has shown to be a great replacement. PUR can be used to quickly assemble or repair parts along with a number of woodworking applications.

        Construction- When it comes to construction and remodeling Infinity Bond superPUR can handle a wide range of applications. It can stand up to window seals, gaskets, foam, fabric, plastic, particle board, light metal applications and more! PUR is great for securing solid surface installation while silicone sealants set. superPUR holds up better in difficult environments, especially moisture, UV and high/low temperatures. superPUR is resilient in wet and warm environments. This makes it one of the few adhesives to hold up in harsh settings like, garages, outdoor areas, windows, and basements.

        Product Assembly- superPUR hot melt will bond with nearly any substrate. It can be engineered to have a long or short open time. It is a single-system product that’s immune to harsh or wet conditions. It is a dream for almost any product assembly line. Products assembled with superPUR look better and leave your product clean and clear of staples, nails and copious amounts of tape, which can interfere with the overall integrity of the product and offer a more aesthetically-pleasing look.

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