Cordless Glue Gun Review: Gas TEC 600

TEC 600 Butane Powered Cordless Glue Gun Review The Gas TEC 600 is our brand new cordless glue gun that runs on standard store bought butane fuel....

The Truth About Hot Melt - A Hot Melt Beginners Guide

New to hot melt? That's perfect, we all start somewhere. Let us shine a little light on what hot melt is, how it is commonly used and dispensed as ...

Hotmelt Announces New Partnership With Wisdom Adhesives Worldwide

At, we always strive to bring our customers the best quality products from the most renowned names in the business. Our goal is to always to help you find exactly what you are looking for, while getting you the most superior service available. With that in mind, is proud to announce our new partnership with Wisdom Adhesives Worldwide. Wisdom has been a leading name in the business since 1875, and has since become a worldwide leader in the industrial hot melt and water based adhesives.

Wisdom Adhesives Bulk Hot Melt - Five Generations of Excellence

No company in the world has been in the adhesive industry longer than Wisdom Adhesives Worldwide. With over 140 years of experience in adhesive engineering, Wisdom Adhesives Worldwide is the world’s trusted leader in the manufacturing of dependable hot melt adhesive products. For over a century, the Wisdom family has infused their adhesives with environmentally safe technology and quality components. And with five generations of expertise and experience, Wisdom Adhesives Worldwide is committed to meeting the ever-changing demands of the packaging and product assembly industries.  

Why Adhesives are the Hottest Way to Celebrate Manufacturing Day

Happy Manufacturing Day! The first Friday in October marks the new, nationally recognized salute to all the craftsman, scientists, and artisans in...