Candle Fixturing with hot melt

As the DIY economy continues to expand, and folks all over America are learning they can make a living doing what they love, we here at are constantly learning new and creative uses for our adhesives from the folks that use them. Whether it is for packaging and shipping, templating solid surfaces, woodworking or more, hot melt is proving to be versatile – and cost-effective – for a wide array of businesses, organizations and entrepreneurs.

Empty candle jar and wicks.

One such application that never would have occurred to us comes from people in the candle making business, who are selling their wares at markets, as part of larger gift baskets, and on online media such as Etsy. One of the highest selling products that candle makers offer is called the container candle – it's essentially a candle inside a non-flammable container with wax and a wick, and customers love them because of their many unique advantages over a traditional candle: They function as both a candle and a candleholder, and they never drip, so there is no mess.

Candle wicks secured with hot melt.

The folks that make container candles have discovered an awesome wick fixturing technique in which a candle maker uses hot melt adhesive to bond candle wicks to zinc disks in the bottom of containers – before adding the candle wax. In this way, the wick fixture holds tight and never floats or moves, making for a superior overall product. After all, if the wick gets off-center or floats to the top of the candle, customers aren't able to get an even melt or burn the entirety of their candle wax, so when the time comes to replace their candles, they won't bring their business back to the same crafter that sold them a defective product. Hot melt glue also gives crafters the ability to be flexible and creative with their containers, so they can break out of the traditional glass molds and mason jars, and let their imaginations run wild.

For those of you in the business of candle making, we have a specially formulated adhesive – made by a hot melt industry leader, Power Adhesives – called the Tec Bond 7822. That's a bit of a mouthful, but it was specifically designed for candle making, so you can count on getting excellent tack, a medium open time so you have a solid window of time in which to work, and it sets quickly, so you don't have to waste time (and effort) being finicky with your wick fixturing. recommends Infinity Bond Tough Guy glue sticks for smaller applications. This product assembly hot melt offers a good heat resistance and low viscosity so stringing isn't a problem. Use Tough Guy with an Infinity Ranger PRO glue gun to ensure a consistent temp, plus the nozzle minimizes string and drips.

We are glad that our products are helping to make the sometimes arduous process of candle making a little easier. You can get the wick fixturing you need to produce the highest quality products for your customers by visiting us at See you soon!

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