Hot melt flooring guide - hardwood, carpet, tack strips and more

Spring is in the air, which means everything is thawing – including demand for construction and remodeling services. It's an exciting time – finally, a chance to shake out the winter blues, dust off those tools and get back to work, ladies and gentlemen. This month, we are going to focus on the flooring industry, because we have a whole basket full of great products that are perfect for flooring applications, including carpet, tack strips, carpet seaming and more. We'll get more into details in the coming weeks, but as for today, here's a quick primer on some of our bestselling products, organized according to their applications:

Applying hot melt to any flooring job

If you're in the market for a cost-effective, high-quality hot melt glue gun, we can't recommend a better one than the Pam HB 220, our best seller for the flooring industry. It's compatible with all of the superior PamTite hot melt glues, and it's perfect for just about any flooring job you're likely to come across.

Starter Rows

Want to lay down some starter or finish rows, but don't have enough space to fit a nailer? This is where your hot melt glue gun saves the day – you can affix starter and finish rows with a powerful, quick-setting glue like PamTite or PamTite Plus (a version of PamTite with a longer working time and better resistance to temperature if you're in an especially hot or cold climate.)

Carpet Seaming

For perfect seams every time, check out powerful, affordable TEC Bond 240 hot melt glue sticks. The best part of the TEC Bond 240 (besides its low viscosity and superior flow into the carpet fibers) is that it is UV-marked to ensure it is compliant with all regulatory and inspection requirements, so you can rest easy after applying it.

Carpet Back Seaming

For carpet back seaming, your best bet is Surebonder 708 hot melt glue sticks, which are a flexible, high-strength adhesive that won't crack at low temperatures, but are rigid enough to wipe any "smiles" right off the back of that carpet.

Adhering Tack Strips

Quit wasting time, effort and money on nailing down those tack strips – instead, consider a hot melt solution! Our Tack Fix hot melt glue sticks are perfectly formulated for bonding tack strips to a variety of different surfaces, including metal, stone, brick, ceramic, wood, concrete and more.

Affixing Carpet or Rug Runners

This is a tricky job no matter which way you look at it – unless you are using one of our hot melt solutions! Consider TEC Bond 240 to affix carpet or rug runners to stairs and other tricky flooring areas. Check out this blog to see how one rug store used hot melt glue sticks for templating and installing a superb carpet runner with a minimum of time and effort.

Of course, there are many more applications where our hot melt glue sticks offer vastly superior performance over slow-curing industrial adhesives or the old hammer-and-nail combination, and as we mentioned before, we're going to dive into those applications all month long. So be sure to check back with our blog often!

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