Industrial Cob Web glue gun for halloween

It's that time of the year for ghosts, goblins, and horror movies. Do you know what makes haunted houses the best? How they are decorated. Mainly, if they have cobwebs all over that people are constantly walking through. Not to mention all haunted houses need some spooky noises and some blood splatter here and there doesn't hurt either.

Well, my Halloween friends, haunted houses get super awesome spider webs by using none other than hot melt and a pneumatic hot melt gun. Shocked? Well, we aren't because the TEC 6300 Pneumatic Spray Hot Melt Gun is the best cobweb shooting gun on the market. How do we know? Because we have tried the gun of course!

Now, obviously not everyone needs and industrial level haunted house spider web spraying glue gun, but for making an awesome haunted house this is definitely necessary! If you need even more power--check out the TEC 7300 Multi-Load Pneumatic Glue Gun, which is the next step up in a cobweb spraying gun for Halloween decorating. is ready for the Halloween Season, are you?! Give us a call, (877)933-3343, if you have any questions on the TEC 6300 or TEC 7300 Pneumatic Cobweb Spraying Hot Melt Gun!

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