Glue Machinery Champ 3 hot melt gun review

Overall Rating from 3/4

Glue Machinery Champ 3 Glue Gun Overview

The Champ 3 is a bulk dispensing glue gun, which is a major advantage for this hot melt gun. Glue Machinery's Champ 3 bulk hot melt gun melts chips, pellets and pillows. Since, the Champ 3 uses bulk hot melt, it can reduce cost of production, since bulk is generally less expensive than hot melt sticks. This industrial glue gun is easy to use and perfect for numerous applications; some are packaging, bookbinding and even golf club customization.

Glue Machinery Champ 3: The Good

The Champ 3 uses bulk hot melt, but doesn't require you to have big cumbersome bulk hot melt tanks, hoses, or hand guns. The hot melt reservoir holds 5 ounces of hot melt. Each trigger pull from the Champ 3 gives you 4.1 Grams of hot melt. Glue Machinery's Champ 3 can apply 7 cubic inches of hot melt without having to refill. The Champ 3 also features a drip free dispensing nozzle.

Changing a nozzle is a piece of cake on the Champ 3 and there are a variety of nozzle options. We like that the Champ 3 dispenses bulk hot melt, but isn't bulky! This bulk hot melt is a slender handgun only weighing 1.8 pounds.

Glue Machinery Champ 3: The Bad

This bulk hot melt handgun only has a melt rate of 1 pound per hour. We like that it uses bulk hot melt, but seriously one pound per hour is a drag. Another, thing that we have discovered when using the Champ 3 is that it takes quite some time for the gun to cool down after use. Not to mention it takes a good ten minutes for it to heat up.

Glue Machinery Champ 3: Overall

We like the Champ 3 by Glue Machinery, but it does have some draw backs. We love that this is a lightweight, versatile glue gun that uses bulk hot melt. Our biggest issue is that the slow warm up time and low output per hour.

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