Surebonder PRO 100 cartridge gun review

Surebonder PRO100 Cartridge Gun Overview

This specialty adhesive applicator is great for dispensing fugitive glue, pressure sensitive hot melt and PUR adhesives. This unique glue gun makes you able to apply pressure sensitive and fugitive adhesives without needing a bulk application. The Pro 100 glue gun will save you money and time on small jobs that don't warrant purchasing bulk applicators.

Surebonder's Pro100 Specialty glue gun allows you to dispense credit card glue (AT-10154) in any size or shape you need. Also, available in 1.5 ounce cartridges is AT-4930 a permanent pressure sensitive. The Pro100 glue gun have an adjustable temperature, so it can be set for high or low temperatures. This specialty glue gun takes 10-15 minutes to heat up and features a ball check nozzle. The nozzle in the aluminum Surebonder cartridges prevents dripping. can also provide you with an estimate on canisters filled with any Surebonder adhesive of your choice.

Surebonder PRO 100 cartridge gun in action

Surebonder Pro 100 Specifications

Dual Temperature : 250°F. & 325°F ( 121°C, 163°C.) Replacement Cartridge: AT-10154, AT-4930, AT-1026 Volume Per Tube: 1-1/2 ounces Glue Gun Weight: 3.2 ounces with glue Watts Volts: 80 Watts, 120 Volts Glue Tube: Aluminum Tubes Only UPC #: 018239329922

Common Applications for Surebonder Pro 100

  • Affix credit cards, business cards, etc. for mailings
  • Hold items in place for packaging applications
  • Hold items before shrink wrapping
  • Floral arrangements, gift baskets
  • Mounting signs, presentations
  • Hold items in product assembly

Surebonder Adhesive Cartridges for the Pro 100

Surebonder AT-10154: This adhesives is commonly known as booger glue, credit clue, peel-able glue or fugitive glue. This adhesive is perfect for hanging posters/paper since it is easy to readjust it's position when necessary. Ideal for greeting gift baskets, POP displays, as well as magazine, brochure and letter inserts.

Surebonder AT-4930: This is a very aggressive pressure sensitive hot melt adhesive that permanently bonds to most materials, even plastic and foam!

Golf Club Weighting Kit: Custom built by, this extended nozzle cartridge has become a favorite of golf enthusiasts for fine tuning the weight and balance of golf clubs. 

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