Gear Pump vs. Piston Pump: Understanding Your Hot Melt Tank Options

A Quick Overview In the industrial world of adhesives, the choice of a hot melt tank, also known as a glue machine or glue melter, is crucial. Unde...

Graco InvisiPac LineSite Remote Monitoring

Welcome back to’s continuing series on the Graco InvisiPac Hot Melt System – a huge technological leap forward that is changing the way the packaging industry uses hot melt.  Thus far, we have covered the big news that Graco and have formed a distribution partnership to bring our customers the InvisiPac system, and we’ve given you a comprehensive guide to how the InvisiPac works, and how it is specially designed to solve the most pressing problems that currently frustrate packaging operations around the country.

Packaging Hot Melt Glue Sticks - The Definitive Guide

Hot Melt for Packaging Packaging with hot melt glue sticks is not a one size fits all application. That is why we carry the line of incredible pack...

How to Choose the Correct Size Hot Melt Glue Stick

We have seen a lot of confusion in customers trying to find the correct hot melt stick for their specific hot melt gun. To try and help clear up the mystery behind choosing the right size glue stick, we have created a handy little cheat sheet to help you along the way.

Fugitive Gummy Glue & Dispensing Options

Fugitive glue, also called gummy glue, credit card glue, e-z release glue, or booger glue is a low-tack adhesive that produces a removable non-permanent joint. The type of bond it produces is temporary in nature and is intended to hold two pieces of material together through the duration of folding and gluing operations. Fugitive glue is designed to release and will not cause damage to either one of the separated substrates.

As Your Business Grows, Lose Your Attachment to Packing Tape

Better Packaging With Hot Melt When a business is first starting out, it takes a lot of ingenuity, pluck, and making the best of what's around. Wh...

Tips and Techniques for Hot Melt Packaging

Hot melt adhesive is no stranger to packaging, not only is it efficient, but cost-effective. There are a few packaging glue and equipment options and packaging techniques that are used when applying hot melt. 

Top 5 Benefits of Metallocene Hot Melt

Metallocene or metallocene blends are hot melts that typically have less volume and are less dense than other kinds of hot melts like EVAs. Metallocene offers optimal strength while using less glue, so it’s great for applications where you need to use less adhesive without compromising strength.

Save on Gummy Glue with a Pneumatic Dispensing Applicator

If applying fugitive glue by hand is costing you too much time and money, it may be time to upgrade to a bulk tank pneumatic dispensing system. The Infinity Bond EasyMelt Benchtop is a great option and offers some big long-term advantages.

Choosing the Right Epoxy Work Life

When considering which type of epoxy to choose, there are many factors to consider. You may find yourself first asking, "does this work for my substrates?" or "will this withstand the environmental conditions I need it to?" These are important questions to ask but don't neglect to consider the work-life you need for your project. 

Hot Melt Dispensing Systems Using a Foot Pedal

Hot melt dispensing systems with foot pedals offer many benefits to users. Ease of use and reduced operator fatigue are just two ways that using a foot pedal system can help boost your productivity. We've put together this list of foot pedal dispensing systems for you to find which system is right for your application needs.

Packaging and Box Closing Options with Glue Guns and Sticks

So you have a large amount of packages you need to send, and you have to be sure they arrive in perfect condition – no matter the temperature outsi...