Dispensing Options for the Best Fugitive Gummy Glue Application

What is Gummy Glue?

Fugitive glue, also called gummy glue, credit card glue, e-z release glue, or booger glue is a low-tack adhesive that produces a removable non-permanent joint. The type of bond it produces is temporary in nature and is intended to hold two pieces of material together through the duration of folding and gluing operations. Fugitive glue is designed to release and will not cause damage to either one of the separated substrates.

When to Use Fugitive Hot Melt

Fugitive glues are frequently used in marketing when an object like a product sample or return envelope is glued to another object which is usually paper, like a mailing envelope or magazine. They tend to perform best on smooth, non-porous surfaces. In these applications, fugitive glues are nonresealable, pressure-sensitive adhesives like what is used on pressure-sensitive tapes or post-it notes, although resealable formulations are available.

Cartridges - Infinity Bond Gummy Glue Adhesive Kit

The Infinity Bond Gummy Glue Kit is a complete solution for dispensing gummy glue, for applications that require a removable bond. This gummy glue kit is unique to the industry and offers a complete system including an applicator and two gummy glue adhesive cartridges.

The gummy glue cartridges included in this system are made of a premium fugitive adhesive that will not leave an oily residue or damage substrates when removed. They offer a clear bond and a completely unique solution to dispensing this type of adhesive. Most applications dispensing fugitive adhesives require thousands of dollars worth of bulky equipment and bulk adhesives. But this kit is a low-cost option to get you started using gummy glue.

Bulk Hot Melt and Glue Sticks

The 3M 2798LM is a low-temperature fugitive glue meaning it can be easily removed without residual tack or residue. Ideal for use on coated surfaces like paper, plastic and glossy laminates. The 3798LM bonds to a wide variety of materials and applications that require a non-permanent bond. 3M gummy glue sticks only work with the Polygun LT Glue Gun. This 3M hot melt stick is only available in the 3M TC glue stick (⅝” x 2”) and bulk so make sure you are ordering the proper stick for your gun size.

Bulk Dispensing for Gummy Glue

The Infinity Bond Easy Melt Benchtop dispensing system is a great way to dispense fugitive adhesives. Great for simple, low-cost and hands-free dispensing, the Easy Melt is a system for bulk dispensing and is complete with features like a foot pedal, a variety of nozzles, built-in shot time, and more. 

The built-in shot timer allows the same amount of hot melt to be dispensed every time the foot pedal is pushed, which is helpful when applying your gummy glue to ensure a consistent amount of adhesive on each application. The temperature control feature also allows you to dispense glue between 120 and 430 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Easy Melt Benchtop works well with the Infinity Bond Fugitive Hot Melt. We love this glue because it offers the perfect balance between strength and easy release. It's great for card mailers, promotional items and similar applications because it will provide a secure bond without tearing your substrate upon removal or leaving an oily residue. 

Ready to Get Started?

If you have questions about if fugitive glue is right for you or which application method will be most cost-efficient, contact us. One of our knowledgeable team members will be happy to assist you and find the perfect solution for your gummy glue needs. 

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