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Fugitive Gummy Glue & Dispensing Options

Fugitive Gummy Glue & Dispensing Options

Gummy glue is a offered by a wide variety of manufacturers and in different forms. Fugitive glue is constantly in the top selling products on Hotmelt.com. We are always here to help pick out the best gummy glue option for your application. We will make sure you have the correct adhesive for adhering magnets, samples, credit cards or gift cards, etc. Check out all the options we offer below for removable gummy glue dispensing.

3M 3798LM Glue Sticks

This by far is our most popular gummy glue system over the lifetime of Hotmelt.com. We constantly have people calling looking for this product. This removable gummy gun system is the easiest to use and works well for promotion marketing items.

Use with 3M Ploygun LT Glue Gun: This is the ONLY glue gun we recommend for using this specialized gummy glue stick. This glue gun dispenses the 5/8" x 2" low temperature glue sticks without any issue.

Surebonder AT-10154 Cartridges

We have found that the Surebonder AT-10154 formula tends to be the best answer for customers who need a 'stickier' gummy glue. This is a great alternative to the 3M 3798LM.

Use with Surebonder Pro 100 Cartridge Glue Gun: This cartridge gun is the ONLY glue gun that works with this size cartridge. You will need to let the cartridge warm-up 5 minutes before using. Once the cartridge becomes cool, it will be difficult to dispense you will need to heat the cartridge up again waiting 5 minutes. We recommend for large projects that you purchase 2 glue guns per worker that way you will always have a glue gun ready to dispense.

Infinity Bulk Gummy Glue

The Infinity Fugitive Glue comes in pillows making it easy to dispense from bulk tank handguns, bulk hot melt tanks or dispensing equipment. This formula offers the perfect amount of stickiness without leaving any residue behind, perfect for all your marketing needs.

  • Use with Champ 3 or Champ 600 Glue Gun: These glue guns allows you to melt slugs, chips or pellets in their bulk chamber. Not to mention this glue guns also work well for packaging. Who wouldn't want a glue go that is able to be used for a wide array of tasks. Let us know if you need help picking out some packaging hot melt.
  • Use with LS10 Bulk Hot Melt System: This system comes with an all electric tank, meaning you don't need to buy an air compressor! Plus, you get a hose and handgun so you are ready to start dispensing as soon as you receive it.
  • Use with Surebonders 753 Stationary Pneumatic Dispenser: This Pneumatic dispenser from Surebonder is the ultimate when it comes to dispensing gummy glue. This system allows for hands free application by using a foot pedal for on demand gluing or use the shot timer.

Surebonder Bulk Peelable Fugitive Glue

This gummy glue is the same formula that is found in the Surebonder AT-10154 cartridges. We have had many customers start using the hand guns and switch over to the bulk product for cost savings and efficiency using the Surebonder bulk dispenser.

For further information please contact us or give us a ring 877-933-3343.