Hot Melt Packaging Tips and Techniques

Hot Melt for Packaging 

Hot melt adhesive is no stranger to packaging, not only is it efficient, but cost-effective. There are a few packaging glue and equipment options and packaging techniques that are used when applying hot melt. Check out our short descriptions and images below to get an idea of what technique is right for your packaging application.


Regular Slotted Cartons (RSC)

Create durable cartons by using a 1/8" adhesive beads laid approximately 1/2" from the flap edge. Need extra high strength? Use twin beads. Easily apply twin beads using a T shaped nozzle. Having a T nozzle is the most efficient way to lay twin beads and gives you the same results every time. However, you can use a standard nozzle and just lay two beads if extra strength is needed.

Easy Open Techniques on RSC

Hot melt allows you several ways to make a carton easy to open without sacrificing a good seal. These methods make it easy to reuse the carton. We recommend using a 1/8" bead to maintain carton strength. You can also use 1/16" bead, but the carton strength will be reduced.

Full Overlap Cartons (FOL)

The best results can be achieved by laying a 1/8" bead on the front side, on 3 sides or you can lay a double bead. For single bead applications on FOL cartons, we find an L nozzle is very convenient. If a double bead is required, it's easiest to use a T nozzle.

Hot Melt Dotting for Cost Savings 

Upgrading your bulk dispensing to include a hot melt dotting and stitching system can save you a ton of money. Traditionally, hot melt is dispensed in a solid line to seal packages but this innovative process can dispense glue in a series of dots and lines, often using 50% less glue. 

An upgrade package can be installed in less than three hours, requires no new tanks or nozzles, and results in more reliable, long-lasting dispensing. To learn more about hot melt dotting and how much you can save on your hot melt application, check out our savings calculator.

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