Packaging and Box Closing Options with Glue Guns and Sticks

So you have a large amount of packages you need to send, and you have to be sure they arrive in perfect condition – no matter the temperature outside or the jostling the carton may take in transit. Maybe you are a business owner looking for the best way to make sure your customers get their orders delivered in tip-top shape – or maybe you are just a regular person that loves to ship care packages and presents to the ones that you love.

Regardless of your packaging needs, the boxes and containers you are sending need to get to their destination without opening up and spilling their valuable contents everywhere – so it is long past time to throw out that old cold glue and the miles of obnoxious packaging tape you have been using.

It's time for an upgrade to a hot melt gun – the perfect product for all of your packaging applications. Here are three options that can fit any size budget:

Low Volume Options

If you ship products on an irregular basis or don't have a big budget to spend on packaging solutions, check out's Infinity Bond Mojo. It's inexpensive, uses standard ½" Hot Melt sticks (the best option for this gun are the InfinityPack packaging glue sticks,) it warms up quickly and puts out plenty of glue – all without tiring out your hand.

Medium Volume Options

Maybe that Etsy business is finally taking off, or you've got a chain of stores all the way across the country taking notice of your new product – and placing a bunch of small orders to a lot of different locations. Either way, you need a gun that puts out plenty of high-quality glue in a small amount of time, and one that has more packaging applications than just closing up the carton. You need the Infinity Bond Scout HT, a hot melt gun that you can customize to work for your needs, with temperature controls, a variety of nozzles and attachments for specialized tasks, and the ability to put out five pounds of glue per hour. Need some hot melt sticks to go with that? Again, InfinityPack will work great and you can also check out Surebonder 711, which works great for both cardboard and wood packaging.

High Volume Options

You've hit the big time, and the orders are flying in while you desperately try to manage your packaging needs. It's one thing to have a business fail because of poor demand – it's a tough world out there – but it would be a true tragedy to be defeated by your own success. Make sure you can keep up with your high volume of packaging needs with the ultimate hot melt gun – the Infinity Bond Ranger PRO. This is the hot melt gun that makes glue nerds like us swoon - a powerhouse packaging pistol with a huge variety of customization options for any job (and as many jobs as you can queue up for it.)

Electronic temperature control? Check. Automatic standby and power-on light? Standard. Seals at 420 degrees Fahrenheit, making sure your carton will hold up even if you are shipping it to Siberia in January? Naturally. When you decide to make this investment, get yourself some of the best glue slugs on the market – the Power Adhesives TEC 342-43 – designed specifically to seal heavy board cartons, but so versatile that electricians, computer manufacturers and telecom workers use it to bond cable attachments. A lower cost option can be found in the TEC Bond 14.

The best part of ordering products? There are two, actually - the low price guarantee and the fact that all stock products ship on the same day (Monday-Friday) you place an order if placed before 12pm – so you can be sure you will never overpay – and you'll also get your hot melt guns and glue sticks in no time at all.

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