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As Your Business Grows, Lose Your Attachment to Packing Tape

As Your Business Grows, Lose Your Attachment to Packing Tape

When a business is first starting out, it takes a lot of ingenuity, pluck, and making the best of what's around. When it comes to shipping products out to customers, that usually means reaching out for the trusty old tape dispenser to seal up a box and send it on its merry way.

However, once a business has hit its stride and moved from intermittent shipping to moving a moderate volume of product, tape starts to come with plenty of hidden costs – from the interruption to work flow when the dispenser runs out, down, to the overall cost of the tape itself. A business that is taking off needs a better-quality seal for its packages – so it can ship anywhere, anytime without fear of compromising the order – and it needs to do so reliably and on the cheap.

Tape just can't cut it.

Temperature changes wreak havoc on its adhesive surfaces, applying the tape roller at one wrong angle can compromise the integrity of a package, it covers up any branding on the package materials, and doubling up a tape job just creates an annoyance for the customer trying to open the box.

Luckily, there is a solution.

Hot Melt adhesives. They cost about a third of what tape will run you, they are safe for the product (no one will be slashing at it with a box knife) and, frankly, the packaging process is quicker and the outcome is more attractive. With all of this going for it, why hasn't everyone with a growing business made the switch?

Low Volume Applications

For low volume applications, hot melt still provides cost savings. It also looks better as it leaves your boxes clean and, well, tapeless. For low volume packaging applications we recommend a TEC 820 glue gun and InfinityPack glue sticks. You can get into this simple system for under $100. 

High Volume Applications has all of your adhesive needs covered. From the InfinityPACK (in stick or bulk form), our most popular hot melt (there is also a Low-Temp Packaging version,) to the burlier TEC Bond 7731F Bulk Packaging adhesive, there is no packaging job the world can throw at you that we don't have a solution for.

Best of all, Hot Melt solutions are scalable – purchasing one bulk Hot Melt adhesive system, like the LS10 (which is lightweight and comes with a 10 pound tank and a handgun,) will allow your business to grow and grow while providing the highest-quality packaging solutions, regardless of whether you are shipping dozens of boxes per day – or per minute.

You wouldn't build a product with shoddy, cheap materials, and you certainly shouldn't package and ship with them, either. As your business continues to find success, it's time to make the move to for all of your packaging needs.

Questions on making the transition from packaging tape to hot melt? Contact one of our adhesive experts to discuss the most cost effective and efficient solution to your application.