Hot Melt Dispensing Systems Using a Foot Pedal

Hot Melt Dispensing Systems Using a Foot Pedal

Why Use a System With a Foot Pedal? 

Hot melt dispensing systems with foot pedals offer many benefits to users. Ease of use and reduced operator fatigue are just two ways that using a foot pedal system can help boost your productivity. We've put together this list of foot pedal dispensing systems for you to find which system is right for your application needs.

Infinity Bond EasyMelt Benchtop

The Infinity Bond EasyMelt bulk hot melt tank is by far our most popular foot pedal dispensing system. The system comes with a bulk tank, foot pedal, variety of nozzles, built-in shot timer, and more. The temperature of the tank can adjust with the control switch anywhere between 120 degrees and 430 degrees Fahrenheit. The built-in shot timer allows for a timed amount of hot melt to be dispensed every time the foot pedal is pushed. This feature allows users to dispense the same amount of glue every time. You can also turn this feature off and dispense manually if you choose. 

One of the best parts of the Infinity Bond EasyMelt Benchtop is its great value. Costing $1,295 and being compatible with almost any bulk hot melt, the cost-effectiveness of this system is unmatched. 

Power Adhesives TEC 610 or TEC 7100

Add-ons: Bench Mount Kit & Timer Kit

One of the nice things about this system is you can buy it piece by piece. A lot of customers start off with the TEC 6100 or TEC 7100 glue gun, then later add the bench mount foot pedal system and followed by the shot timer kit. That way you don't have to spend over $1400 all at once. This is a great option for companies looking for a glue gun that will stay relevant even with an increase in demand. The shot timer isn't needed to use the bench mount kit but allows the operator to have the exact same amount dispensed each time.

3M Polygun PG II Glue Gun

Add-ons: Bench Mount & Foot Pedal Assembly

This pneumatic glue gun has been around 20 plus years. Talk about a legend, we love this pneumatic powerhouse. We can't say enough good things about it. The only problem we have is it has a hefty price tag, but then again these glue guns are built to last. Plus, an added bonus is that spare parts are available if needed. Like the TEC 6100/7100, you can buy this piece by piece to upgrade gradually. The PG II glue gun with bench mount kit and foot pedal assembly ends up costing over $2500.

Questions? We Are Here to Help. 

If you need further guidance about choosing a foot pedal dispensing system, contact us. Our knowledgeable staff is happy to help.