Packaging Hot Melt Glue Sticks - The Definitive Guide

Hot Melt for Packaging Packaging with hot melt glue sticks is not a one size fits all application. That is why we carry the line of incredible pack...

How to Choose the Correct Size Hot Melt Glue Stick

We have seen a lot of confusion in customers trying to find the correct hot melt stick for their specific hot melt gun. To try and help clear up the mystery behind choosing the right size glue stick, we have created a handy little cheat sheet to help you along the way.

The Perfect Hot Melt for Freezer Packaging

When it comes to case and carton closing for boxes that will be in the refrigerator or freezer, traditional hot melt sticks aren’t going to hold up the way that specialized hot melt for the freezer will. Because of the more extreme environment and difficult substrates, specialized freezer grade adhesives are important to ensure a strong enough bond to prevent pop-open boxes. 

Packaging and Box Closing Options with Glue Guns and Sticks

So you have a large amount of packages you need to send, and you have to be sure they arrive in perfect condition – no matter the temperature outsi...

Product Assembly with Hot Melt: Bonding Polypropylene

An Overview of Polypropylene Bonding with Hot Melt Polypropylene is a thermoplastic polymer commonly used in manufacturing. It is specifically b...

The Ultimate 3M Hot Melt Glue Stick Guide

3M Hot Melt Glue Stick Guide Overview One of the most widely recognized hot melt brands in the world, 3M has created an amazing selection of hot melt glue sticks for every type of application and bonding need. This article seeks to highlight and simplify the process of choosing the perfect formulation and size of 3M Scotch Weld glue stick. 

Guide to Surebonder Hot Melt Glue Sticks

Surebonder Glue Stick Options and Information Surebonder manufacturers an excellent line of hot melt glue sticks and slugs. Surebonder glue stic...

Glue Stick Review | Plastics Hot Melt Sticks

SuperTAC 500 Plastic Bonding Hot Melt Sticks by Infinity Bond Plastic is one of the hardest surfaces to bond to but we have found a hot melt glue s...

Surebonder Quadrack Glue Sticks Now Available

Surebonder, the leading manufacturer of high-quality glue guns and hot melt adhesive, has just released Quadrack glue sticks. They currently offer Quadrack glue sticks in their 701 and 725 formulas. About the 3M Quadrack Size Hot Melt Stick Previously, the Quadrack glue stick was only available from the 3M corporation. Surebonder is the first company to come out with a ribbed, Quadrack stick size to offer an alternative to the 3M brand. These sticks are available in Surebonder's most popular formulations and offer a significant savings over their 3M counterparts. 

Power Adhesives Foundry Tec Core Adhesives Overview

Power Adhesives FoundryTEC - Powering Foundry Assembly Adhesives are at the heart of most manufacturing and product assembly processes. Today we are going to review how the foundry industry uses hot melt for core production and dig into the Foundry TEC line of hot melt products from Power Adhesives. Foundry systems are used for casting metal, and having a reliable adhesive in play can significantly speed up all aspects of your core production.

1/2" (12mm) Glue Stick Recommendations By Application

We are often asked, "what is the best glue stick for [insert application here]", so we decided to write down some of our favorite hot melt sticks b...

Infinity Melt Tough Guy Hot Melt Glue Stick Review

When we received our first batch of Infinity Tough Guy glue sticks for testing we weren't sure they would be able to live up to the hype. Tough Gu...