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The Perfect Hot Melt for Freezer Packaging

The Perfect Hot Melt for Freezer Packaging

Our Top Freezer Packaging Products

Finding the right hot melt for freezer packaging is no easy feat. When it comes to selecting a freezer grade adhesive not only do you have to consider environmental factors, but also the substrate itself. Many freezer and refrigeration stored products have coated stock, which isn't the easiest packaging material to bond.

Bulk Hot Melt for Freezer Packaging

Infinity FreezerPACK is the go to product when it comes to difficult to bond packaging. This bulk hot melt offers a highly aggressive tack making short compression times possible. This low melt bulk hot melt will work on a wide variety of paper and cardboard/corrugated stocks.

1/2" Glue Sticks for Freezer Packaging

Infinity Melt Freezer Grade Glue Sticks are the only 1/2" glue sticks we have found that work extremely well for coated stock and other difficult to bond substrates. These packaging glue sticks even fair well on highly varnished surfaces! The cold resistance and ability to adhere to difficult surfaces make these the best freezer grade glue sticks around.

Always feel free to contact us if you are unsure of what product is right for your application. lists our most popular products online, but we have numerous packaging formulas not available through the website. If you are having trouble bonding certain substrates in your packaging applications give us a call 877-933-3343 or contact us here