Hot Melt for Freezer Packaging

Why Use a Freezer Grade Adhesive?

When it comes to case and carton closing for boxes that will be in the refrigerator or freezer, traditional hot melt sticks aren’t going to hold up the way that specialized hot melt for the freezer will. Because of the more extreme environment and difficult substrates, specialized freezer-grade adhesives are important to ensure a strong bond and to prevent pop-open boxes. 

What Differentiates Freezer-Grade Hot Melt From Traditional Hot Melt?

Freezer-grade hot melt is typically used for food packaging applications that require the adhesive to set quickly and be able to withstand extremely cold temperatures for an extended period of time. Freezer packaging is often wax-coated or varnished which makes it hard for traditional glue sticks to adhere to. Freezer-grade adhesives are specially designed to bond to these surfaces.

Bulk Hot Melt for Freezer Packaging

Infinity Bond ProPACK is the go-to product when it comes to difficult to bond packaging. This bulk hot melt offers a highly aggressive tack making short compression times possible. This low melt bulk hot melt will work on a wide variety of paper and cardboard/corrugated stocks.

Benefits of Bulk Hot Melt vs. Hot Melt Sticks

Bulk hot melts can offer many benefits over hot melt glue sticks. If you’re using enough glue, ordering bulk glue can save you a significant amount of money. Additionally, bulk glue can be dispensed with more ease and decrease user fatigue, increasing your overall productivity. 

Your business may also benefit from a combination of these two systems, for example, using a bulk hot melt system but having a glue gun that uses hot melt sticks at the end of the line of production if a pop-open occurs after the first application. 

½ Inch Glue Sticks for Freezer Packaging 

Infinity Melt Freezer Grade Glue Sticks are the only ½ inch glue sticks we have found that works extremely well for coated stock and other difficult to bond substrates. These packaging glue sticks even fair well on highly varnished surfaces. The cold resistance and ability to adhere to difficult surfaces make these the best freezer-grade glue sticks around.

Dispensing ½ Glue Sticks for Freezer Packaging

For medium scale dispensing jobs, the Infinity Bond Scout is a great hot melt glue gun. This light industrial glue gun offers superior performance and its features include a manual stroke adjuster for fine-tuning the length of the hot melt bead being dispensed. 

Another option for industrial packaging is the Infinity Bond Ranger PRO. The temperature range of this gun is from 265 to 446 degrees Fahrenheit and can dispense seven pounds of glue per hour.  

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