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Adhesives are at the heart of most manufacturing and product assembly processes. Today we are going to review how the foundry industry uses hot melt for core production and dig into the Foundry TEC line of hot melt products from Power Adhesives. Foundry systems are used for casting metal, and having a reliable adhesive in play can significantly speed up all aspects of your core production.

It is for this reason that Power Adhesives manufactures a series of hot melt adhesives called Foundry Tec. Foundry Tec adhesives are suited for most foundry systems, and provide outstanding adhesion in cold processes such as ‘Cold Box,’ ‘Alpha Set,’ and ‘Beta Set.’ Foundry Tec adhesives can also be used on ‘Warm Box,’ ‘Hot Box,’ and ‘Shell,’ but they do require a period of time to cool before hot melt adhesive can be applied. Let’s take a look at some of the applications and advantages of using Foundry Tec adhesives, and what products are available here at hotmelt.com.


Foundry Tec adhesives are ideal for sand core foundry applications. Minor adjustments in the tooling can be made in order to make the required holes, or cavities in the sand cores that will hold the adhesive bond. The cores can be coated or dipped, and then immediately oven-dried. How much time the individual cores will spend in the oven, and what temperature(s) will be required vary by core, but Foundry Tec adhesives are made to resist excessively high temperatures. In larger assembly applications, hot melt and water-based adhesives can be used together to provide extremely high temperature resistance. Even though there is a generalized, basic process to forming a cast, there can be variations in the process, which is why Power Adhesives manufactures several Foundry Tec products to meet your specific application needs.


There are several advantages that come with using Foundry Tec adhesives over more conventional adhesives like water-based. Foundry Tec adhesives have no set time, so you experience an increase in productivity and reduced downtime. They also have no shelf life, which eliminates the risk of using materials that are expired or of you having to spend money on more supply. Increased accuracy also allows for less wasted material and production time. These adhesives drastically reduce the risk of being exposed to harmful gases, and unlike water-based adhesives, do not require the use of a solvent, which also saves on cost.

Available at Hotmelt.com

There are several Foundry Tec products by Power Adhesives available here at hotmelt.com. Let’s take a brief look at each of these individually, beginning with the least expensive and ending with the most expensive.

Fast Setting Sand Core Hot Melt (TEC-601)

Foundry Tec 601 is a fast-setting, sand core hot melt adhesive that is available in both 1/2” and 1 3/4” glue sticks. It is recommended for use with a TEC 820 glue gun, TEC 3200 glue gun or TEC6100 glue gun. Foundry Tec 601 is available in both 11lb and 22lb cartons.

Low Ash Content Sand Core Hot Melt (TEC-501)

Foundry Tec 501 is a low viscosity, low ash content hot melt adhesive that is also available in 1/2” & 1 3/4” glue sticks. Like Tec 601, this adhesive is recommended for use with a TEC 820 glue gun, TEC 3200 glue gun or TEC 6100 glue gun. This particular adhesive has a low ash content, which makes it an ideal choice for investment and wax foundries.

General Purpose Sand Core Hot Melt (TEC-301)

Foundry Tec 301 is the general-purpose sand core hot melt adhesive from Power Adhesives. This adhesive is also produced in 1/2” and 1 3/4” glue sticks, and are available in 11lb or 22lb cartons. Although it provides a highly reliable substrate bond, it does feature a slightly slower set time than other adhesives from Foundry Tec.

Long Open Time Sand Core Hot Melt (TEC-104-43)

Foundry Tec 104-43 is a sand core hot melt featuring a long open time, making it the ideal choice for sand cores featuring several recesses that must be filled before sand core assembly. Having a longer open time allows sufficient time for items to be properly assembled, and lowers the risk of error. Tec 104-43 is also great for applications that require applying adhesive across a larger substrate. They are available in 1 3/4” hot melt slugs and sold in 22lb cartons.

Polyamide Sand Core Hot Melt (TEC-705)

Foundry Tec 705 is a polyamide-based adhesive that was developed for sand core applications that require high heat resistance properties. It allows sand cores to dry at much higher temperatures, and is a low-char adhesive, so there is little maintenance involved with user equipment. It is available in 1 3/4” hot melt slugs packaged in 22lb cartons, and are perfect for use with the TEC 3200 glue gun or TEC 6100 glue gun.

You can find these Foundry Tec products right here at Hotmelt.com, along with the glue gun models recommended for dispensing them. You will also find a plethora of accessories that make the application process even more efficient. Call and speak to one of our professional representatives today, at (877) 933-3343.

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