Our 8 Favorite Hot Melt Glue Gun Kits of 2018

At Hotmelt.com, we sure have seen a lot of hot melt glue gun kits over the years. But this year we’re more excited than ever to show you how far hot melt tech has come and how many industrial and household applications these awesome hot melt glue gun kits can handle.

From packaging to product assembly to golf club weighting, we've got a wide variety of affordable and prepackaged hot melt kits that come with all the tools you need for a job well done. These kits typically include a glue gun, specialty adhesive, nozzles and any other accessories that will help. Check out our top eight hot melt glue gun kits of 2018 and let us know which one you want to try out!

cutting trimming paperback and binding
Favorite Hot Melt Glue Gun Kit 1

Infinity Bond Gummy Glue Adhesive Kit & Replacement Cartridges

The Gummy Glue Adhesive Kit is the complete solution for dispensing gummy glue, also known as fugitive glue, for any application that requires a removable bond. This kit is unique to the industry and offers users a complete system, including an applicator and two premium gummy glue adhesive cartridges.

The Glue
The gummy glue cartridges are comprised of a high grade fugitive adhesive that will not leave an oily residue or damaging substrates when removed from a surface. The bond is clear and is a completely unique solution to dispensing this type of adhesive. We also offer Gummy Glue Replacement Cartridges for when you run out.


  • Use: Mailers with cards or other attachments | Promotional marketing materials
  • Includes: Bulk Glue Gun | Adhesive

Kit includes

  • One Cordless Applicator
  • Two 50 Gram Gummy Glue Cartridges
Favorite Hot Melt Glue Gun Kit 2

Infinity Bond Bookbinding Hot Glue Kit

Our Bookbinding kit has everything needed to help you put together those bestsellers! The kit offers an easy-to-set-up system to create your own personalized books and covers.

The Gun
The Champ 3 is a bulk-dispensing hot glue gun that is made for industrial dispensing, making it the perfect choice to assist in bookbinding.  It has a 5 ounce melt tank and the melt rate of 1 lb. per hour. Since it is a bulk-dispensing hot melt gun, it will allow you to save money by being able to buy bulk melt instead of glue sticks.  

The Glue
The bulk glue selected for this Hotmelt.com kit, TEC Bond 1241F, was specifically formulated for bookbinding. This top notch spine glue has a long open time and is able to adhere to a wide variety of paper and cover stocks.

The Glue Gun Nozzle

The 5 Hole Spreader Nozzle allows you to lay down a beautiful, even coat to the book spine. You can also plug holes in the nozzle to adjust to various spine sizes. Please contact us with any more questions about our Bookbinding Kit and check out our blog post about Book Binding.

Infinity Bond Bookbinding Hot Glue Kit Infographic


  • Use: Bookbinding
  • Includes: Bulk Glue Gun | Adhesive | Nozzle

Kit includes

Favorite Hot Melt Glue Gun Kit 3

Infinity Bond Bulk Golf Club Customization Kit

This kit is for our golf customization experts, improving the world one golf swing at a time. Every golfer's body and swing are unique and quite a few attributes go into creating the best golf club. Height, arm length, hand size and swing speed all help determine the weighting needed to create the perfect swing for customers.

Golf club in bag on grass

A pressure-sensitive hot melt is the best for weighting clubs because it has some flex to it, meaning when someone hits the golf ball, the hot melt won't crack and rattle around. The precision nozzle included in this kit attaches easily to the Champ 3, which gives you the necessary extension and precision needed to get the hot melt into the club.


  • Use: Golf Club Weighting - Bulk Kit
  • Includes: Bulk Glue Gun | Adhesive | Nozzle

Kit includes

Favorite Hot Melt Glue Gun Kit 4

Infinity Bond Champ 3 Bulk Hot Melt Glue Gun Kit

The Hotmelt.com Champ 3 bulk glue gun kit makes it easier than ever to get started using a bulk hot melt system. It includes our Champ 3 bulk hot melt gun, three different glue gun nozzles and 5lbs of our high performance Infinity bulk hot melt. This bulk out-of-the-box solution will save money in medium and high volume applications by allowing the gun to use less expensive bulk hot melt instead of the more costly glue sticks.

Champ 3 Glue Gun

The Champ 3 bulk glue gun has a 5 ounce melt tank that allows users to add bulk hot melt in the form of chips, pillows or beads. The no-drip check valve eliminates waste and keeps a clean work surface, while the temperature control makes the Champ 3 gun versatile and able to work with many different bulk hot melt adhesives.

Car broken rear bumper

Glue Gun Nozzles
We have included 3 different nozzles in our bulk hot melt kit to allow you to customize the Champ 3 glue gun to your specific application.


  • Use: General Purpose | Bulk Dispensing
  • Includes: Bulk Glue Gun | Adhesive | Nozzle

Kit includes

Favorite Hot Melt Glue Gun Kit 5

Infinity Bond Paintless Dent Repair Kit

The Paintless Dent Repair Kit is great for removing dents easily. It allows you to lever out panel surface dents without damaging paint or making holes. This paintless dent repair kit is perfect for paintless dent removal specialists, garage owners and the everyday person. This system reduces repair time and is so easy to use.

The dent puller has adjustable feet that make it easy to contour to the surface panel. The dual lever on the dent puller allows for even weight distribution while pulling. The nylon knock down will not damage the paint at all and helps correct over-pulled dents. This dent-pulling system is perfect for door dings, baseball marks and more.


  • Use: Paintless Dent Repair
  • Includes: Glue Gun, PDR Glue Sticks, Accessories

Kit includes

  • Hot Melt Gun
  • Paintless Dent Repair Hot Melt Sticks
  • Dual Lever Glue Puller
  • Two Sizes of Dent-Pulling Knobs
  • Nylon Knockdown

Favorite Hot Melt Glue Gun Kit 6Infinity Melt Light Packaging Complete Hot Melt Kit

The Hotmelt.com light packaging hot glue gun kit offers a fantastic upgrade in both speed and cost over taping boxes for packing and shipping. We have created a truly ready-to-go solution for light and medium volume packaging applications.

TEC 805 Glue Gun
The TEC 805 glue gun is a medium duty workhorse with output and performance unlike any other gun in its class. This gun can dispense almost 4lbs of hot melt per hour and has a short 3 minute heat up time. Weighing in at under 1lb, the TEC 805 glue gun is easy to use and comfortable even with extended working times. The TEC 805 also works with 1/2" glue sticks.

Hot Glue Sticks

Our 1/2" packaging glue sticks offer exceptional hot tack and a strong, fast bond to cardboard and corrugated substrates. This allows you to package faster and use less material, saving you money.

Glue Gun Nozzles

We offer 3 glue gun nozzles with our light packaging kit, assuring that you always have the right tool for the job. The nozzles include a standard glue gun nozzle for general application, an L-type and a 3-hole nozzle for packaging applications.

Infinity Melt Light Packaging Complete Hot Melt Kit


  • Use: Lighter packaging needs
  • Includes: Medium Duty Glue Gun | Bulk Hot Melt | 3 Nozzles

Kit includes

  • TEC 805 Medium Duty Glue Gun
  • 11lbs Packaging Hot Glue Sticks
  • 3 Different Nozzle Types
    • Standard (on glue gun)
    • 3-hole
    • L-type

Favorite Hot Melt Glue Gun Kit 7Power Adhesives Professional Knot Filling & Wood Repair Kit

The KNOT-TEC Professional Wood Repair Kit provides everything you need to repair knot defects, deep scratches and other deep wood blemishes. KNOT-TEC is a knot-filling adhesive that is perfect for repairing floors, furniture, window & door frames, as well as many other applications. The tools included with this kit makes repair fast and easy.


  • Use: Professional Knot Filling & Wood Repair
  • Includes: TEC 820 Glue Gun, Adhesives and Accessories

Kit includes  

  • TEC 820 Hot Melt Gun
  • Two metal heatsink blocks
  • Silicone release mat
  • Mouseplane
  • Heavy plastic carrying case
  • Two 12-stick, mixed color sample packs (Pack One Formula 7713: 2 sticks of Amber, Beige, Black, Cola, Cream and Oak) (Pack Two Formula 7718: 2 sticks of Amber, Beige, Black, Cola, Cream and Oak)

Favorite Hot Melt Glue Gun Kit 8

NEW: Infinity Bond Advanced Hot Melt Golf Club Weighting Kit

The Infinity Advanced Hot Melt Golf Weighting Kit offers a new, more durable hot melt glue gun and single 50-gram, pressure-sensitive adhesive cartridge with a 3" nozzle. This advanced dispensing system is perfect for DIY golf weighting and low to mid volume shops doing customizations.

Shiny chrome golf club iron heads ready for assembly

The Glue Gun

This cartridge-based hot melt gun heats the pressure-sensitive hot melt adhesive cartridge while attached to a corded stand. The gun can then be removed and used cordlessly to apply the adhesive. We strongly recommend a full 15 minutes of preheating before applying adhesive and reheating the cartridge if it’s off the stand for more than 3 minutes.

The Adhesive

The adhesive for this system is a pressure-sensitive hot melt. That means that it remains tacky and flexible even after being heated and dispensed. This type of adhesive is the industry standard in golf club weighting because it will not get brittle and become detached inside the club head.

The cartridge is a 50-gram tube designed specifically for this glue gun and it has a 3" copper nozzle. For best results, you may want to heat the nozzle separately with a flame or torch while the cartridge is being heated in the gun. This is not necessary, but will give the longest working time and smoothest dispensing. Learn about Advanced Replacement Cartridges.


  • Use: Golf Club Weighting
  • Includes: 50-Gram Cartridge with 3" Nozzle

Kit includes

  • New, durable hot melt glue gun
  • Single 50-gram pressure-sensitive adhesive cartridge with 3” nozzle

Not sure you found the perfect fit among our eight favorite hot melt glue gun kits? No problem. Contact us online or give us a call at (877) 933-3343 so we can work with you to put together a custom solution for any application you can dream up!

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