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 Today we want to highlight one of our favorite workhorses in the hot melt category: Infinity SuperTAC 88 Plastic and Metal Hot Melt. Infinity SuperTAC 88 is a strong glue stick that can bond to practically any material including non-porous substrates. Because of its high viscosity, high open time and high application temperature, it’s not a jack-of-all-trades. However, it is the master of those industries in which its unique features make sense. Let’s explore the ins and outs of Infinity SuperTAC 88 Plastic and Metal Hot Melt to find out if it’s the right fit for your factory, work site or next DIY project.

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Best Substrates for Infinity SuperTAC 88 Plastic and Metal Hot Melt

One of the big reasons we really love and wanted to shine a spotlight on Infinity SuperTAC 88 Plastic and Metal Hot Melt is that it doesn’t have a “best” substrate that it bonds to—it bonds to all of them especially well! This makes it a great go-to hot melt for a variety of projects using even the most non-porous substrates. You don’t have to think twice about using Infinity SuperTAC 88 to bond surfaces like plastic, metal, ceramic, glass, fabric, leather and even more.

Infinity SuperTAC 88 is the Perfect Color for Any Project

Clear hot melt adhesives can be a double-edged sword. When you’re bonding two surfaces together, you usually want the adhesive to be clear enough that the seam isn’t noticeable but not so clear that you can’t even see what you’re doing—right? Thankfully, Infinity SuperTAC 88 Plastic and Metal Hot Melt is a milky color before it sets but dries clear, so you can use it in even the most delicate installations and on clear substrates like glass and plastic.

Infinity SuperTAC 88 Plastic and Metal Hot Melt Has High Open Time and Viscosity

With a viscosity of 11,000 cps at 350 degrees, Infinity SuperTAC 88 Plastic and Metal Hot Melt is thick. This high viscosity means the open (or set) time is slower than it would be for more fluid adhesives. It will take longer for the bond to set and become structurally rigid enough to bear weight. In contrast with the bonding features that make it perfect for tons of applications, a longer open time means Infinity SuperTAC 88 isn’t a great fit for high-speed environments like line manufacturing and some packaging setups.

However, long open times don’t make it a poor adhesive. Far from it, actually. This strong hot melt is a staple for slow-moving applications like intricate woodworking; laminating large surfaces of furniture, appliances, or even shower walls; quickly tacking hardware fixtures; and more.

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Infinity SuperTAC 88 Goes on Hot

Because of its high viscosity, you have to get Infinity SuperTAC 88 Plastic and Metal Hot Melt nice and hot to properly apply it. A temperature between 340ºF and 375ºF should do the trick. It is because of this high application temperature that Infinity SuperTAC 88 is able to create such strong bonds—sometimes ones that can withstand even more pressure than one or both of the substrates themselves!

Viva La Infinity SuperTAC 88 Plastic and Metal Hot Melt

Kind of like its open time, the shelf life of Infinity SuperTAC 88 Plastic and Metal Hot Melt is long. Indefinite, even. Chalk this up as another great feature, because the enterprises that utilize hot melt often move quickly and ask a lot of their adhesives no matter how long they’ve been sitting in storage. Infinity SuperTAC 88 will remain stable right up until the time it’s used, no matter how far in the future that might be.

This super-long shelf time also empowers Infinity SuperTAC 88 Plastic and Metal Hot Melt users to save a little money and take a load off the environment, too. Shopping in bulk often fetches a lower wholesale price and shipping rate and can shrink the footprint that packaging and distribution leaves on the environment.

Infinity SuperTAC 88 Compares To... 

We don’t know why you’d want an alternative to our allstar product Infinity SuperTAC 88 Plastic and Metal Hot Melt, but everyone’s got their reasons—and we’ve got your solutions. From our vast catalogue, we were able to narrow down our top hot melt adhesives that are comparable to Infinity SuperTAC 88 if you find yourself in need of an alternative.

3M Scotch Weld 3764 Plastics Hot Melt is a slightly more expensive adhesive engineered especially for plastic; Surebonder 738 Woodworking Hot Melt Sticks is an affordable option with a light-brown color that works exceptionally well on wood and carpet; and Ad Tech 271 Metal & Plastic Hot Melt is another more pricey solution that’s great in high-level product assembly and where a strong plastic or metal bond is required. A few other alternatives that we don’t keep in stock on include Hysol Loctite 231, Fuller Bostik 2141, and TEC Bond 260.

Recapping the Important Features of Infinity SuperTAC 88 Plastic and Metal Hot Melt

  • Color: goes on milky, dries clear
  • Bonds: plastics, metals, fabrics, glass, ceramic, a variety of non-porous surfaces
  • Available sizes: 1/2", 5/8", 5/8" X 2" (TC), 1" X 3" (PG)
  • Temp: high temperature application (340ºF to 375ºF)
  • Open time: medium to slow set time
  • Viscosity: 11,000 cps at 350ºF (high/thick viscosity)
  • Softening point: 205ºF
  • Shelf life: indefinite

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Get A Deal on Infinity SuperTAC 88

If you have an industrial application that requires the ease of use and versatility of hot melt glue sticks but not the budget to spend hundreds of dollars on cases of hot melt to test, offers sample packs of Infinity Bond's top industrial hot melt glue sticks. And you guessed it, our product of the day Infinity SuperTAC 88 Plastic And Metal Hot Melt is inside!

Try out a large number of industrial hot melt formulations without breaking the bank or wasting larger quantities you might never use. With the Infinity Bond SuperTAC Sample Pack, you get five sticks each of Infinity Bond SuperTAC 11, Infinity Bond SuperTAC 55, Infinity Bond SuperTAC 88, Infinity Bond SuperTAC 99 and Infinity Bond SuperTAC 500. And yes, we do have different size options other than 1/2"! Contact us to ask about other sizes including 5/8", TC (5/8" X 2"), and PG (1" X 3").

If you want to learn more about the stellar properties of and applications for Infinity SuperTAC 88 Plastic and Metal Hot Melt, click here or call (877) 933-3343 to connect with our hot melt pros who are willing and waiting to share their expertise and resources with you.

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