Tired of Packaging Hot Melt Price Increases? Introducing Infinity Bond ProPACK

Tired of Price Increases on Bulk Hot Melt? We've Got You. Let's face it, there have been a lot of price increases on packaging hot melt adhesives lately. Like, a lot of price increases. To fight these rising costs, Infinity Bond has formulated a completely new type of packaging hot melt with superior performance and price savings in mind. Quite simply, ProPACK is better hot melt for less.

REXtac Hot Melt Adhesives for the Mattress Industry

Hot melt adhesives make assembling mattresses quicker and easier. Because they are easy to handle, many manufacturers use adhesives for joining foam around mattress springs, attaching cushioning foam and insulation to the interior of the mattress body and keeping pillow top cushioning and upholstery fabrics in place.

Fugitive Gummy Glue & Dispensing Options

Fugitive glue, also called gummy glue, credit card glue, e-z release glue, or booger glue is a low-tack adhesive that produces a removable non-permanent joint. The type of bond it produces is temporary in nature and is intended to hold two pieces of material together through the duration of folding and gluing operations. Fugitive glue is designed to release and will not cause damage to either one of the separated substrates.

Mattress Manufacturing with Spray Hot Melt

Adhesives find their way into almost all parts of a mattress. Mattress assembly primarily utilizes hot melt, water-based adhesive, or solvent-based adhesives. Mattress manufacturers use adhesives for securing pillow tops, cushioning foam, joining slabs and blocks of foam around spring systems, adhering fabrics, fibers, and insulation materials to foam.

Polyurethane (PUR) Hot Melt

Polyurethane hot melt, commonly called PUR hot melt, is an adhesive that is heated and dispensed from a cartridge or slug, unlike traditional hot melt which is in stick or pellet form. PUR is also unique because it solidifies through moisture in the air to form a super-strong bond that will not re-melt. 

Save on Gummy Glue with a Pneumatic Dispensing Applicator

If applying fugitive glue by hand is costing you too much time and money, it may be time to upgrade to a bulk tank pneumatic dispensing system. The Infinity Bond EasyMelt Benchtop is a great option and offers some big long-term advantages.

The Best Bulk Hot Melt Dispensing System for Your Budget

Choosing the right equipment for your business is an important part of it's success. We are proud to share our knowledge of bulk hot melt dispensing systems with you and provide you with information to make the best decision for your business and your budget.

Complete Guide to Hot Melt Adhesives for Filter Assembly and Manufacturing

Effective filtration is becoming increasingly important in today's world. Whether it's the air inside your house, the drinking water in an urban metropolis or the fuel in a heavy-duty vehicle - filters are being asked to do more. In turn, filter manufacturers turn to Hotmelt.com when they need to accomplish more with their filter adhesives.

Mountain View Packaging Saves 50% With Hot Melt Dotting

Mountain View Packaging in Boise, Idaho had been using lines of hot melt for years, with a hefty annual adhesive budget. Mountain View Packaging Maintenance Manager, Victor Sheldon, responsible for keeping ADCO Manufacturing's vertical cartoners running optimally, was looking for a cost-saving solution.

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