3M Polygun PG II spare parts and troubleshooting guide

Even the best built hot melt applicator needs a little TLC every now and then. One of the toughest guns we carry is the 3M PG II pneumatic glue gun. It is engineered for simple, reliable hot melt dispensing but from time to time the 3M PG II does require the replacement of some wear and tear parts. 

Top Spare Parts for 3M PG II

When to Repair vs Replace

We take a common sense approach to this question. If the spare parts are 50% or more of the value of a new unit, we would start looking at a replacement unit. This is going to vary some depending on how heavily the gun is being used but offers a good place to start. 

Choosing the Correct Part

Not sure what spare part you need? Check out the PG II Owners Manual and see the troubleshooting section. It offers a spare parts list and views of many of the common spare parts. You can also contact us for help troubleshooting specific issues with your 3M Polygun II.

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