Hot Melt Adhesives for Filter Assembly and Manufacturing

Effective filtration is becoming increasingly important in today's world. Whether it's the air inside your house, the drinking water in an urban metropolis or the fuel in a heavy-duty vehicle - filters are being asked to do more. In turn, filter manufacturers turn to when they need to accomplish more with their filter adhesives.  

Air filters in vehicles and buildings are high-performance products. They ensure a constant supply of fresh and clean air. Filters are very diverse and are frequently composed of different materials. Powerful hot melt adhesives for the manufacture of filters are not only characterized by a broad range of adhesion to the different materials but also facilitate superior products and efficient manufacturing processes. 

How are hot melt adhesives used in filter assembly?

Hot melt or water-based adhesives are used in the final stages of air, oil, water and HVAC filter manufacturing. They laminate multiple layers of media together, improving the filter's efficiency, filter adhesives are selected based on the following criteria: 

  • Substrate type
  • Fluid being filtered (hot air, fuels, lubricants, etc.)
  • Service temperature range
  • Adhesive application method

In the air filter manufacturing industry, there are many applications where hot melt adhesives are used. Hot melt adhesives are resistant to high and low temperatures and offer fast set times and so they are widely used in the manufacture of the air filters. 

Hot melt adhesives with fast set times are often the best choice when manufacturing air filters; because of the fast-running filter machines. Hot melt seals the filter frames, laminates the filter media and carefully closes the separators. 

EVA Hot Melt and APAO based hot melt adhesives that are flexible in cold temperatures, are good options for this application, these adhesives show excellent bond strength and machining characteristics. Check out our overview and Guide to (EVA) Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate Adhesives.

Polyamide based and polyester-based (PET) hot melts adhesives are also used for air filters in industrial or car ventilation systems that have to withstand high temperatures. These hot melts are highly chemical and heat resistant - and offer stronger adhesion to paper and non-woven fabrics. Depending on the application, hot melt dotting, bead, roll coating or spray application can be used. 

Specialty Hot Melt Products for Filter Assembly Applications offers a multi-chemistry portfolio of adhesive solutions designed to maximize filter efficiency and manufacturing processes. For air filters that have to withstand even the harshest environments, we provide assembly solutions for bonding, edge sealing, pleating and more. 

Optimal operation requirements vary for automotive, industrial and commercial air filters - but whether you need solutions with high temperature and chemical resistance, foaming capabilities or a higher degree of protection from dust contaminants, high performance is always assured.

Infinity Bond E2170 is a specially formulated bulk hot melt adhesive for filter frame assembly applications. This hot melt provides an excellent blend of performance and price. Infinity Bond E2170 for filter frame assembly provides superior bonds to metal, board stock and filter media. 
Infinity Bond E2180 provides an excellent blend of affordable price and excellent performance. Specially formulated bulk hot melt for wire lamination applications in filter assembly. Great adhesion to all types of media and polypropylene, suitable for line speeds up to 300 ft. per minute. 
Infinity Bond M2110 high performance Metallocene adhesive is pot stable for 72 hours with no odor, char or downtime from adhesive-related issues. This high performance hot melt is specially formulated for Lucy Line filter assembly applications. 
Infinity Bond E2190 is an economical, general purpose, EVA hot melt. It is specially formulated for Lucy Line Filter Assembly applications. 
Infinity Bond E2200 provides excellent hot tack and high mileage reactivatable hot melt specifically designed for Sam Lines. This adhesive offers excellent pot stability. 
Infinity Bond E2220 is the perfect match for your Solent pleating machine. This bulk hot melt is specially formulated for mini pleat packs in filter assembly and manufacturing applications. 
Infinity Bond E2150 is specifically formulated for mini pleat pack applications. It is compatible with Spati, TAG, and JCEM pleating machines. The Hot Melt for Mini Pleat Packs is faster setting and is excellent for foaming applications.

Choosing the Best Hot Melt Adhesive for Your Filter Application

We realize that selecting the right hot melt is more than just a viscosity or open time value. It's a combination of factors like adhesion to filter media, bond strength to metal end caps, or high temperature resistance. It's about working with suppliers who treat their customers like partners. Our adhesive experts are ready to help you take the next step. Contact us for a personalized product recommendation for your filter application. 

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