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Bulk Hot Melt Dispensing System Under $3000 - A Budget Solution

Bulk Hot Melt Dispensing System Under $3000 - A Budget Solution

We know that when you start a business, getting the biggest bang for your buck is important, which is why our engineers take pride in knowing the newest, most cutting edge adhesive solutions and the most innovative, cost-effective options out there. While we’re excited to introduce new breakthroughs in technology, such as the Graco Invisipac vacuum dispensing system, we know our budget-conscious customers aren’t always ready to dive into bold investments that haven’t been tried and tested in the marketplace. For the savvy bulk melt shopper, our favorite option is the AXCO AX10 complete hot melt system. 


The AXCO AX10 is the perfect starter kit for packaging and product assembly operations. For a cool $2,995.00, your budding business can test drive the efficiency and power of a bulk melt system – complete with melting unit, 8-foot hose, and handgun dispenser – and say goodbye to the constant need to replenish tape, cold glue, and other fastening materials. The kit comes with everything you need (except the glue, of course) to get started. We especially like AXCO’s bulk melt system because it’s easy to use for a first timer, without compromising performance or output (think: up to 60 pounds of hot melt per hour).


When compared with the more expensive Astro Packaging LS10 hot melt system, the AXCO shines. Both have a 10-pound Teflon-lined tank to reduce adhesive char, both warm up in approximately 30-45 minutes, and both boast all-electric mechanics. Although the Astro is lighter than the AXCO, the Astro only melts up to eight pounds per hour. For the price difference – you can’t beat the AXCO. The AXCO AX10 can also be easily upgraded from a one gun system to a two gun system as your business grows, making it the perfect entry-level bulk melt system to begin a more streamlined production line.


And last, but not least, we love AXCO machines because they are designed with the customer in mind. Everything about the AX10 satisfies a customer need. If you prefer more control, switch from an automatic to a manual handgun. Adjust hot melt flow as you go with a highly responsive flow control valve. And avoid accidents by using the temperature and control panels conveniently tucked behind the bulk melt tank’s motor. The result of AXCO’s engineering is a beautiful simple, roguishly affordable system that any business can get on board with. Although we like to think of it as the gateway melt system, we know there are plenty of seasoned pros who still choose the AX10 again and again.