Hot Melt for Mattress Manufacturing

How is Hot Melt Used for Mattress Manufacturing?

Adhesives find their way into almost all parts of a mattress. Mattress assembly primarily utilizes hot melt, water-based adhesive, or solvent-based adhesives. Mattress manufacturers use adhesives for securing pillow tops, cushioning foam, joining slabs and blocks of foam around spring systems, adhering fabrics, fibers, and insulation materials to foam. Using hot melt lowers the cost of mattress manufacturing because of its ease of application, fast set times, and low overall cost.

Advantages of Using Hot Melt

Hot melt adhesives are easy to handle, non-flammable, and require no special ventilation or disposal. Hot melt adhesives are solids, meaning you get exactly what you pay for. Solvent and water-based adhesives require an evaporation process.

Also, many water-based spray adhesives are gravity fed and limit mobility around the shop floor or for hitting different parts of the mattress. You can use the TEC 6300 spray hot melt gun and 425 sprayable glue slugs and save a ton of time over gravity fed systems. We currently have these systems in a large number of mattress manufacturing operations.

Why Spray Hot Melt?

Sprayable hot melt is can be applied at a much lower temperature than a bead and covers a much larger surface area. This means spray hot melt works with heat-sensitive substrates and you will need less adhesive.

The Infinity Bond SprayMAX 15 is a popular industrial hot melt spray glue gun. It can dispense in either spray or bead form and offers adjustable air pressure control depending on if you need a wide or narrow adhesive application. Nozzle replacements are also available and a good item to keep on hand so you're never unable to manufacture because of a stray nozzle.

Our hot melt recommendation to with your Surebonder Spray 500 glue gun is the Infinity Bond SprayMelt 70 APAO. It has a three-minute open time for spray applications and seven-minute for bead. 

The Infinity Bond SprayMelt 90 Acrylic is a high-performance option that is optimized for difficult to bond substrates.

Depending on the desired open time, has a range of other sprayable hot melt products to meet your manufacturing needs. 

Ready to get started?

Hot melt's curing time allows you to manufacture and ship the mattress on the same day! It is also non-flammable and non-toxic, something consumers are always paying attention to. can make sure you get the correct hot melt gun and adhesive for your application, contact us for details.

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