REXtac Hot Melt Adhesives for the Mattress Industry –
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REXtac Hot Melt Adhesives for the Mattress Industry

REXtac Hot Melt Adhesives for the Mattress Industry

Hot melt adhesives make assembling mattresses quicker and easier. Because they are easy to handle, many manufacturers use adhesives for joining foam around mattress springs, attaching cushioning foam and insulation to the interior of the mattress body and keeping pillow top cushioning and upholstery fabrics in place.

That's important with the more complex mattresses being assembled today. Customers want features like additional comfort layers of gels and foams, which need to be carefully attached to the interior mattress structure using a fastening system that is non-toxic.

You may be using hot melt to assemble mattresses already, and if so, you likely appreciate its non-flammable and non-toxic properties as well as its fast cure time. Now, a new polymer may be able to help you increase your productivity and stretch further than the adhesives you have been using.

REXtac APAO polymer adhesives -- also known as Amorphous Poly-alpha-olefins -- incorporate REXtac's proprietary catalyst and their Liquid Pool production process. This lets you essentially customize an APAO polymer by adding other hot melt adhesive components like plasticizers, tackifiers or waxes to get exactly the features you need for your specific application. In the case of manufacturing mattresses, a REXtac APAO option likely already exists that can be used neat, or you can tweak it to make a custom formulation.

Benefits of REXtac APAOs

If you're currently using a water-based hot melt adhesive system, you'll find that REXtac APAO is simply easier to use. You don't have to mix it up or clean up excess waste, so it's much less messy. That translates to faster line speeds and greater productivity. In addition, REXtac APAOs deliver a more solid adhesive that's dependable -- reduce the risk of improperly adhered mattress components.

Using a different type of hot melt system? REXtac is likely to better it in cohesion and in thermal stability. Plus, REXtac APAOs have very low VOCs and no odor so the mattresses won't off-gas or otherwise be unappealing to consumers. This also makes them more environmentally friendly.

REXtac APAOs also offer nearly instant initial tack, so you can quickly assemble mattress pieces and get the finished products out the door and to the customer more quickly. The bond is durable, so your products will hold up under years of typical mattress usage. In most cases, the foam or fabric will tear before the bond will fail.

Specifications of REXtac APAOs

Four main specifications help you to determine whether a specific REXtac APAO product is right for your needs.

1. Melt Viscosity (MV).

This identifies the fluidity of the polymer at a certain temperature, generally 375 degrees Fahrenheit. Melt viscosity is measured in centipoise, or cps.

The lower molecular weights of APAOs means that they generally have lower viscosities, which makes them easier to use. Very low viscosity allows hot melt adhesives to be sprayed, which is becoming the most common method of application in the mattress industry.

2. Ring and Ball Softening Point (RBSP).

This measures heat resistance in the hot melt material. APAOs, like most polymers, soften rather than melt. The RBSP indicates at what temperature the APAO is soft enough to work with. This can have an impact in some industries, where delicate components can't be exposed to high temperatures; in the mattress industry, you can't have such high softening points that the fabrics and foams used will overheat or even catch on fire.

3. Open Time.

This tells you how long you can have the adhesive out in the air before it will solidify. Long open times are desirable for many adhesives in the mattress industry, where workers need some time to position elements together.

4. Density.

This measures how hard the polymer is, and indicates durability when cured. All of REXtac's APAO products have a density of 0.85 to 0.88 g/cc (grams per cubic centimeter).

REXtac APAO Product Options

All REXtac APAO products that we offer are available in 35- to 50-lb. boxes or in 350-lb. fiber drums for your convenience.

High Ethylene Copolymers

REXtac 2535 is a white adhesive with high initial tack and low- to no-pop bonding. It has a melt viscosity of 3500 cps at 375 degrees and an application temperature of between 325 and 375 degrees. It has a medium open time of about 60 seconds.

Butene-1 Copolymers

REXtac 2730, REXtac 2780, REXtac 2830 and REXtac 2880 are all white adhesives with high initial tack and long open times.

  • 2730 - melt viscosity of 3000 cps and open time of 300 seconds; softening point at 230°F and application temperature of 280° to 375°F
  • 2780 - melt viscosity of 8000 cps and open time of 120 seconds; softening point at 230°F and application temperature of 280° to 375°F
  • 2830 - melt viscosity of 2700 cps and open time of 350 seconds; softening point at 200°F and application temperature of 250° to 375°F
  • 2880 - melt viscosity of 8000 cps and open time of 450 seconds; softening point at 210°F and application temperature of 250° to 375°F

Modified t-APAOs

REXtac E101 and REXtac 9720 are white adhesives with good cohesion and low melt viscosity. Their very long open times allow you to reposition elements as needed. REXtac 9720 is an especially good choice if you need an adhesive to stay very stable for at least 48 hours.

  • E101 - melt viscosity of 2000 cps and open time of 900 seconds; softening point at 220°F and application temperature of 275° to 375°F
  • 9720 - melt viscosity of 2000 cps and open time of 480 seconds; softening point at 240°F and application temperature of 290° to 375°F

Ease of use and strong adhesive bonds make using REXtac APAOs a good choice for any application in the mattress industry. Assemble mattresses quickly while increasing productivity, while maintaining confidence that the bonds will last. Contact us for more information about the REXtac APAO products we carry.