5 ways to improve lifespan of your bulk hot melt tank

When it comes to keeping you bulk hot melt system running at its peak performance, there are a number of things you can do to reduce down time and improve system performance. Remember, down time equals lost production and will cost you money. Here are some helpful tips to keep your bulk hot melt system in top shape. 

1) Applying your hot melt at the correct temperature. Using the correct setting with save you from numerous hassles. You may also want to try using a metallocene hot melt that melts very cleanly reducing buildup and char.

2) Flush out your hot melt system periodically, including your hot melt hoses. This not only helps maintain your hot melt equipment, but also increases the longevity of your hot melt hoses and hot melt guns.

3) Have spare parts on hand for you hot melt system. There's nothing worse than being down for an extended period of time waiting for parts. This also includes having spare glue gun nozzles, glue gun modules, hoses and air filters. This really depends on the size of your operation. If you have any questions to what parts you should have on hand give us a call.

4) Make sure you keep the lid on your hot melt tank closed this will eliminate debris from entering. We understand the convenience of leaving it open to add more hot melt, but getting foreign debris in your system can cause multiple problems not with just the tank, but also your hoses and glue guns or nozzles.

5) Make sure you minimize your idle time. Leaving your machine on for extended periods of time while it's not in use will result in buildup and char.

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