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Updated: 5/24/2024

No manufacturer wants to have to replace their equipment before they need to. Not only can waiting for new machines to come in halt production but also new equipment can be costly. One way to avoid an early exit on your machines is to be proactive and do what you can to increase the life of your hot melt tank before you start running into issues.  

How to Make Your Hot Melt Tank Last Longer 

When it comes to keeping your bulk hot melt system running smoothly, there are a number of things you can do to reduce downtime and help you go longer before needing new equipment. Follow these helpful tips to extend your hot melt tank life, so that you can keep production (and your business) up and running.  

1. Perform Regular Maintenance 

One of the best ways to increase your hot melt tank life is to perform regular maintenance instead of waiting for problems to arise and addressing them after the fact. This preventative maintenance includes checking for build-up, changing filters, scheduling service checks, and more. Not doing regular maintenance can lead to big problems that if neglected long enough could eventually leave your tank beyond repair.  

2. Clean Your System Periodically 

Along with performing regular maintenance, you should also do regular cleaning to make your hot melt adhesive tanks last longer. Flushing out your system is usually recommended every few months as well as every time you switch adhesives. Follow the timeline recommended for your specific machines and use something like Enviroflush hot melt cleaner for best results. You should also pay attention to hoses and guns to ensure the whole system will continue to work as it should.  

3. Use the Recommended Temperature 

To increase your hot melt glue tank life, you should also run your system at the appropriate temperature. Failure to do so could lead to adhesive charring that can stick to the crevices of the tank. Often, build-up will continue to collect in these places and if it does break off, it can cause problems in other places in the system. One of the only ways to completely remove the char is to take the system apart. This process can be time-consuming and expensive, but your tank may never really be the same.  

4. Keep the Lid Closed   


While it may be less convenient when you want to add more hot melt, make sure you keep the lid on your tank closed. Leaving the lid open can allow foreign debris to get in the system. These particles can cause multiple problems not just with the tank, but also with hoses, glue guns, and nozzles. 

5. Minimize Idle Time  

Another way to try to increase the life of your hot melt glue tank system is to minimize idle time. Leaving your machine on for extended periods of time while it's not in use can also result in build-up and char.  

6. Have Spare Parts on Hand 

While having spare parts readily available won’t extend your hot melt tank life, it will help decrease downtime waiting for the right part to come in. Spare hot melt nozzles, modules, hoses, and air filters can all be helpful to have around to keep your business running.  

My Hot Melt Tank Is Dying. What Now? 

Unfortunately, the life of your hot melt machine cannot go on forever no matter how well you take care of it. Eventually, your tank will need replacing or repair.  

Because the cost of new equipment can be hard to swallow, we want to help. We offer a program that allows our adhesive customers to get new hot melters, installation, and regular preventative maintenance all for free. See if you qualify 

When it comes time to get service or buy new equipment, we want to help. When you contact one of our adhesive experts, they can help you find the right solution for your needs. 


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