From installation to maintenance, hot melt dispensing equipment is expensive. On top of that, new equipment often requires training and monitoring to ensure it is optimized with your system, and you do not experience any downtime. Don’t forget when parts need replacing or something goes wrong and breaks down. Altogether, costs can quickly add up, and your business may not have the capital to keep up.

But, what if these expenses didn’t have such hefty price tags? What if they were free instead?

Introducing Our Free Equipment Program

Now with our help, they could be. Qualifying customers can get free equipment and service just because they buy their adhesives through us. That is right. Qualifying customers buying adhesives with us could get you:

  • Free state-of-the-art hot melt units to replace old or broken ones
  • Replacement parts as needed
  • Free installation and startup
  • On-site employee training to optimize performance
  • Regularly scheduled audits to help avoid downtime
  • Recommendations on new equipment to keep your production running smoothly

    Get all these perks at no extra cost to you or your business.

    What Is Included?

    With the regular purchase of hot melt adhesives, you may qualify for access to free equipment, parts, and service.

    1. Equipment

    Our program includes new hot melt equipment systems from industry-leading manufacturers like from Graco® InvisiPac, Meler and HHS Baumer. We will fit your new hot melt system, including tanks, hoses and applicators, seamlessly into your existing line.

    2. Installation & Setup

    Our local, highly trained application specialists start with a thorough audit of your production lines to better grasp your needs and make recommendations. This is followed by free on-site installation and startup services for your new glue machines, including checking that adaptors are compatible with the new equipment. We also offer free employee on-site training to ensure your staff is well trained, and you are pleased with the system’s performance.

    Even new systems have wear and tear parts that need replacing. Our hot melt equipment program includes a wide range of common replacement parts so there is no downtime waiting for new parts to arrive.

    4. Regular & Emergency Maintenance

    maintenance on Graco HM10

    On top of that, we offer free preventative maintenance and emergency on-site service at no added charge. These services include regularly scheduled line audits, monitoring, usage reports and troubleshooting to avoid downtime and optimize production. Unlike those other guys, we also have local service technicians and 97% of our customers are within 48-hour delivery coverage to ensure a timely response.

    Altogether this program can lead to:

    • New equipment with no capital equipment investment
    • Reduced downtime and start up time
    • Reduced maintenance and on-site support
    • Reduced adhesive consumption by up to 20%
    • Reduced energy costs
    • Increased Operational Equipment Efficiency (OEE)
    • Improved safety measures

      Not What You Need? Check Out Our Other Programs

      If you're not ready for new hot melt equipment, we have programs to fit every need.

      Core's for Cash Buy Back Program

      Our buy back program lets you get cash or credit when you send us your old Nordson® glue machines, regardless of condition.

      Nordson Refurbishment Program

      We also have a refurbishment program where we will refurbish your Nordson® glue melters to extend their lifespan. Contact us to find out more about these programs.

      Get Started

      Partnerships make for a stronger business, and we are committed to your continued success and longevity. Find out if you qualify for free equipment by filling out the form below. Once completed, one of our adhesive experts will reach out to you about the program or your other options.