Mini PUR Series Hot Melt Tank for 2KG PUR Hot Melt Slugs


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  • Works With: Bulk Polyurethane Hot Melt Adhesive
  • Product Type: Hot Melt Dispensing Equipment, PUR Melt Units
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Overview of Mini PUR Hot Melt Tank for 2KG Adhesive Slugs

The Mini PUR Hot Melt Tank slug melter makes dispensing PUR adhesives easy. The PUR slug goes directly into the melting tank without any need to unwrap it, which makes work faster and safer. The MiniPUR Series includes an easy-opening system to minimize cleaning and maintenance while its reservoir tank completely eliminates production stops during slug changes.

Choose the Mini PUR Hot Melt Tank to work with small 2 kg PUR slugs to reach a melt rate of up to 6 kg/h. 

Applications for the Mini PUR Hot Melt Tanks for 2KG Adhesive Slugs

  • Packaging
  • Specialized Product Assembly
  • Woodworking
  • Furniture Assembly
  • Edge-banding

Why Buy from is the industry leader in PUR hot melt and dispensing equipment. We offer our customers industry low costs on best-in-class PUR dispensing equipment. We have equipment engineers on-staff able to assist with application questions, product recommendations and installation (both remote or on-site). 

Understanding PUR Hot Melt vs Traditional Hot Melt

What's the same? 

Both traditional hot melt and polyurethane (PUR) hot melt typically needs to be heated to be applied. They are both non-toxic and generally one of the safer adhesives for bonding and sealing. 

  • Non-toxic
  • Applied by heating and dispensing

What's different?

PUR is a so-called "reactive" adhesive because a chemical reaction needs to take place for the strong adhesive bond to work. Some moisture needs to be present to spark that chemical reaction and create the adhesive bond. The good news is that sufficient moisture exists in the air around us and usually in the material being glued. 


  • Ideal for edge-banding, post-forming, bookbinding, product assembly and clear packaging
  • No cleaning is required, which eliminates the need for weekend shutdown
  • Swiveling tank lid allows for faster changes of PUR slugs, minimizing downtime

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