AX10 Bulk Hot Melt Tank, Hose & Gun


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  • Includes: AX10 Tank | Bulk Hand Gun | 8 Foot Hose
  • Use: Packaging | Product Assembly
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Axco AX10 Bulk Hot Melt System Overview

The Axco AX10 bulk hot melt melt system has everything you need to get up and running with bulk hot melt dispensing at an affordable price. This system includes the Axco AX10 melter with a 10 LB reservoir, the Axco AX360 hand held gun and an 8 foot bulk hot melt hose. This system is also upgradeable to connect a second hose or use within an automated system. 

Axco AX10 Bulk Hot Melt Tank

Axco AX10 is an all electric bulk hot melt tank with attachments for one or two hoses. Using the AX10 to dispense bulk hot melt can replace tape in packaging applications or more costly fasteners in product assembly environments. There is an easy to use flow valve to control the output of the hot melt and powerful motor and pump to deliver up to 60 LBS of hot melt per hour. 

Axco AX360 Bulk Hand Gun

The Axco AX360 hand gun is a well built, reliable method for manually dispensing bulk hot melt. It has a lock for keeping your work environment safe and weighs in at under 2 LBS making it easy to use even for extended periods of time. 

Axco 8 Foot Hose

The Axco 8 foot hose is an insulated, industrial bulk hot melt hose perfect for manual or automated dispensing. It accepts all major heads including Nordson, ITW Dynatec and HMT.


  • Simple all-electric design
  • Ready to run, just plug it in and turn it on
  • More economical and faster than tape, cold glue, or metal fasteners — uses bulk hot melt at a fraction of the cost of glue sticks
  • Minimal technical skill needed to operate
  • Available to run one or two handguns or automatic guns.
  • Lightweight — can easily be moved
  • Adjustable temperature and flow rates
  • Accepts all forms of adhesive: pellets, granules, pillows and blocks up to 70,000cps
  • Precise glue shutoff
  • Cool touch melt unit and hoses
  • Large orifice nozzles and flow passages virtually eliminates nozzle leakage
  • Brushless, fan-cooled AC gear motor for long life
  • Model AX-360 Handgun offers 360° rotation.

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