Nordson ProBlue 4 vs Graco InvisiPac HM10

An Introduction

At, we understand the critical role of efficient hot melt systems in packaging applications. Today we're going to be taking a look at the well established Nordson® ProBlue 4 vs the new kid on the block, the Graco InvisiPac HM10.

While both of these hot melt systems can be used for many applications, today we are going to focus in a little more specifically on the packaging industry. Think of end-of line packaging and case and carton sealing. 

Our lawyers thought it prudent to mention that is not an Authorized Nordson® Dealer. That said, we DO offer fully refurbished Nordson glue melters as well as local service and support on Nordson® machines being used in packaging and product assembly applications across North America.

Feature Comparison: ProBlue 4 vs Graco HM10

Replacement Parts

Nordson® ProBlue 4: because the Nordson® ProBlue 4 (and other tank based melters) use a technology where adhesives are going to be sitting in a pot for extended periods of time, it is going to be prone to char. Char means replacement parts like hoses, modules, nozzles are going require changing more often. This means cost and downtime.

Graco InvisiPac HM10: an innovative tank-free melt system means adhesive is truly melted on demand, nearly eliminating the build up of char and all of the problems and costs that come with it. 

Packaging Throughput & Efficiency:

Nordson® ProBlue 4: a known and widely used unit for packaging applications. As for efficiency and throughput, there is nothing exceptional about the ProBlue 4 compared to similar tank based melters. Start-up time is also slow at up to 45 minutes. 

Graco InvisiPac HM10: excels with a higher melt rate and its melt-on-demand technology, significantly reducing adhesive waste and improving throughput in high-volume packaging operations. A 10 minute start-up time allows for lower energy consumption and more up-time.

Design & Safety in Packaging Environments:

Nordson® ProBlue® 4: offers ease of use and safety features suitable for packaging lines.

Graco InvisiPac HM10: innovative tank-free design with an unheated hopper enhances safety and simplifies adhesive monitoring, a major advantage in fast-paced packaging environments.

Specifications Comparison: Nordson ProBlue 4 vs. Graco InvisiPac HM10

For professionals in packaging, case, and carton sealing applications, here's a detailed comparison of the Nordson ProBlue 4 and the Graco InvisiPac HM10:

Tank Size 4 liters  Tank-Free™ (holds 20 pounds of pellets)
Melt Rate 9.5 lbs/hr (4.3 kg/hr) 10 lbs/hr (4.5 kg/hr)
Start-Up Time 45-60 minutes 10 minutes
Max. Working Pressure 8.7 MPa (1260 psi) 8.3 MPa 1200 psi
Temperature Control Programmable Touchscreen interface for precise control
Design Features Compact size, quick-disconnect power, I/O plugs Melt-on-demand, FIFO system, unheated hopper
Safety Features Automatic pressure discharge valve Unheated hopper significantly reduces operator risk of burn.
Hose Configurations Available in two-hose and four-hose models Available in two-hose and four-hose models

Note: Some specifications may vary based on model variations and updates.


While the Nordson® ProBlue 4 is widely used in hot melt packaging applications, it is an older design and lacks a lot of the innovative features now available in the Graco HM10. 

The HM10's advanced features align with the high-efficiency demands of modern packaging lines. Its focus on energy efficiency, enhanced operational safety, and user-friendly controls make it a superior choice for our packaging-focused customers at

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