Replacement for Nordson Slautterback 73263 3-Orifice Button Nozzle


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Replacement for Nordson Slautterback 73263 Nozzle Overview

The Slautterback style 73263 bulk hot melt nozze has a 3-orifice output and a wide range of orifice nozzle sizes to control the bead size and volume of hot melt being dispensed. 

The 73263 nozzle is for use with Slautterback E100 and E100XT pneumatic and electric hot melt heads. 

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  • Slautterback 73263-1230 .012 Diameter, 30°
  • Slautterback 73263-1243 .012 Diameter, 45°
  • Slautterback 73263-1433 .014 Diameter, 30°
  • Slautterback 73263-1443 .014 Diameter, 45°
  • Slautterback 73263-1633 .016 Diameter, 30°
  • Slautterback 73263-1643 .016 Diameter, 45°
  • Slautterback 73263-1833 .018 Diameter, 30°
  • Slautterback 73263-1843 .018 Diameter, 45°
  • Slautterback 73263-2033 .020 Diameter, 30°
  • Slautterback 73263-2043 .020 Diameter, 45°
  • Slautterback 73263-3033 .030 Diameter, 30°
  • Slautterback 73263-3043 .030 Diameter, 45°

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