Nordson® Glue Melter Refurb Services

Choosing our Nordson® Glue Melter refurbishment program at means revitalizing your equipment to like-new condition, offering a cost-effective alternative to buying new units. This approach not only saves significant costs but also ensures your refurbished melters operate with the efficiency and reliability of new equipment.

Our expertly designed services combine technical precision and quality assurance, delivering a refurbished product that meets stringent performance standards. Opt for our refurbishment services to extend the lifespan of your equipment, ensuring a reliable and sustainable solution for your adhesive application needs.

Nordson glue melter refurbishment and exchange services

What's Included in the Nordson® Melter Refurbishment Process

When you trust us with refurbishing your Nordson® hot melt equipment, we take pride in providing a seamless experience with outstanding results. Below are the steps we take to insure the refurbishing process is complete and the best anywhere in the industry.

  • Full tear down, inspection and refurb of customer unit
  • Complete pump and manifold rebuild​
  • Tank stripped and recoated​
  • Panels cleaned and painted​
  • Repair power module boards​
  • Test all electrical components

Option 1: Buy a Refurbished Unit

We offer newly refurbished Nordson® glue machines at a fraction of the cost of purchasing a brand new unit. All of our refurbished Nordson® melters come with a 1 year warranty and are in like-new condition. Yep, it's that easy.

Option 2: Send Us Your Existing Nordson® Unit to Be Refurbished

Have a Nordson® glue melter that is a constant headache and in need of an overhaul? We've got you covered. You can send your Nordson® equipment into our state-of-the-art repair facility for a complete rebuild regardless of the condition. Our highly skilled technical team will do a complete diagnostic and rebuild of your melter and send it back. This process is quick and easy and offers significant savings over purchasing a new unit.

When utilizing this service, we also have loaner services available to alleviate any downtime while your unit is being repaired. Contact us for details. 

Option 3: Send Us Your Old Nordson® Unit and We'll Exchange It with a Refurbished Like New Equivalent

If you don't want to wait for your unit to be repaired, our Exchange Service allows users to receive a newly refurbished Nordson® glue melter right away. When your new unit arrives and is installed, simply send us your existing melter. It's that easy. Our exchange program means there is no downtime and your newly refurbished unit is discounted even further by sending in your old melter. 

Nordson® Glue Melter Buy Back Program

Have an old Nordson® glue melter and don't need a new one just yet? We'll buy back your old Nordson® melters in almost any condition. Don't thow away your old Nordson® tanks or let them sit around in an equipment graveyard, we'll pay you cash. Check out our Nordson glue melter Buy Back Program for details.

Frequently Asked Questions about Nordson® Refurb and Exchange Program, powered by APPLIED Adhesives, offers a complete refurb package that will transform your old Nordson® melter into a like-new unit. Our service includes the following. 

  • 1 year warranty

  • Complete pump and manifold rebuilds

  • Panels cleaned and painted

  • Power module boards are repaired

  • Testing of all electrical components

  • Complete system validation prior to shipment

  • Full electrical and systems quality check before it leaves our factory

  • Ability to get a hot melt system on loan or via our “trade in” program to keep you up and running

Yes, we warranty our work for one year with the exception of used or refurbished boards. These components have a 6 month warranty. 

You can continue to make repairs, but the entire system continues to age and deteriorate which will ultimately continue to cause downtime and cost money. The cost of parts and the time to install them can easily surpass the refurb cost and you get a unit that looks like new and a offers a one-year warranty.

Yes, we can help. There are two options.

Option 1: You can opt for a rebuilt exchange. In this scenario, we will send you a fully refurbished unit of the same specs that you can install and use right away. After your new unit is received and installed, you ship your unit back in exchange. 

Option 2: If you would prefer to have your exact unit back, we can provide a loaner at minimal charge while your unit is under repair.