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Power Adhesives CastTEC 42 precast concrete hot melt

Best Hot Melt Slug (43mm): CastTEC 42 Precast Concrete Hot Melt

This hot melt adhesive is specially formulated for precast concrete applications. This precast hot melt is able to bond all types of architectural elements for concrete forms. CastTEC 42 is faster and easier to use than other adhesives in the concrete industry, not to mention it's also more cost effective.

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Power Adhesives TEC 6300 pneumatic spray hot melt glue gun

Best Applicator for CastTEC 42: TEC 6300 Pneumatic Spray Hot Melt Gun

The TEC 6300 is a heavy duty industrial glue gun that can handle the most demanding applications and dispensing volumes. Combine this gun with CastTEC 42 for a complete precast concrete fastener solution.

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Infinity Bond 8011 Bulk Precast Hot Melt

Best Bulk Hot Melt: Infinity 8011 Bulk Precast Hot Melt

Infinity 8011 bulk hot melt was specially formulated for the precast concrete industry. This adhesive offers just the right amount of working time and provides an easy release from the form. 8011 can be dispensed with any standard bulk hot melt equipment or glue gun.

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Buehnen HB710 HT high temperature pneumatic glue gun

Best Gun for Bulk Hot Melt: Buehnen HB 710 HT High Temp Bulk Extrusion Glue Gun

This industrial extrusion glue gun from PAM Fastening is excellent. The HB 710 Extrusion glue gun has an adjustable operating temperature from 104°F-410°F. This glue gun has a 6.8 oz. melt tank, able to use bulk plugs, pillows, chips, and pellets. Also available in a spray version.

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Common Questions About Precast Hot Melt and Applicators

Yes! All hot melt glue guns (not to mention the glue itself) are inexpensive but very high-quality, meaning you'll make a high return on your initial investment over and over again. A one-time purchase gets you a durable, long-lasting gun that will work faithfully by your side job after job and year after year. Unlike buying new rolls of tape or shelling out for custom hardware, all you have to do for subsequent jobs is make sure you've got enough glue.

No! Unlike screws and bolts, which leave ugly scars and holes, hot melt glue cools quickly, meaning that both your architectural/structural elements and your concrete remain undamaged throughout the bonding process. When it comes to precision positioning and bonding and getting the best protection against shear, you can't do anything better than hot melt.