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Jowat Jowatherm 288.60 Universal Edgebanding Hot Melt

Best Hot Melt for Edgebanding: Jowat Jowatherm Universal Edgebanding Hot Melt

Jowat Jowatherm 288.60 is a universal edgebanding hot melt available in a number of different colors. This is the go-to product for edgebanding applications that will be bonding primed PVC, ABS and primed HPL.

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Infinity Bond SuperPUR 30 Polyurethane Hot Melt - 10 Ounce

Best PUR for Edgebanding: Infinity Bond superPUR 30 Polyurethane Hot Melt - 10 Ounce Cartridge with Nozzle

Infinity Bond superPUR 30 is a high performance polyurethane (PUR) hot melt adhesive for bonding wood, plastics and many other difficult substrates. This PUR hot melt is dispensed at 250 degrees F and comes with two disposable dispensing nozzles so there is no purge or cleaning necessary.

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Kleiberit 788.3 Edgebanding Hot melt Adhesive

Best Low Temperature Hot Melt for Edgebanding: Kleiberit 788.3 Low Temperature Edgebanding Adhesive

Kleiberit 788.3 Low-Temperature Edgebanding Adhesive is great for bonding PVC, paper, veneer, and melamine edges with manual edge banding machines. 788.3 has a low processing temperature from 130° C and features a very long open time.

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Common Questions About Adhesives for Edgebanding

Edgebanding refers to both the process and the stip of material used for creating aesthetically pleasing trim around unfinished edges of plywood, particle board or MDF. It's easy to spot edge banding all around you, from the desks and tables at your work to the cabinetry and counterops in your kitchen. Edge banding increases durability of these constructions, giving them a high-end, quality appearance. 

Edgebanding is made from various types of materials, including: 

  • PVC
  • ABS
  • Acrylic
  • Wood
  • Wood veneer

High-volume, industrial manufacturers apply edge banding to the substrate with an automated process that uses a hot melt adhesive. Two types of machines are typically seen; machines equipped with roller applicators and those that come with spray nozzle applicators. The process involves bonding the edge banding to the substrate, trimming all overlapping edges so that they are flush to the substrate, scrapping excess material, and buffing the finished edge.