CastTEC 42 Precast Concrete Hot Melt



Works Best:

Bonds To Metal/Glass
Bonds To Foam
Bonds To Wood
Bonds To Plastic


High Temperature
High Temp


  • Quantity: 22 lb Cartons
  • Industry: Precast Concrete
  • Options: 1 3/4" Hot Melt Slugs

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Price: $220.00

Power Adhesives CastTEC 42 Hot Melt Overview

Power Adhesives specifically formulated CastTEC 42 for precast concrete applications. This precast hot melt is able to bond all types of architectural elements for concrete forms. The CastTEC adhesives bonds wood, foam, most plastics, metals to concrete and metal mould bases. The CastTEC hot melt is faster and easier to use than other adhesives in the concrete industry, not to mention it's also more cost effective.

We recommend using the CastTec 42 hot melt with the TEC 3200 or TEC 6100 Glue Gun. If you have any additional questions about CastTEC 42 please give us a call 877-933-3343 or e-mail us at

Power Adhesives CastTEC 42 Glue Slugs Per Carton

  • 22lbs of glue slugs 1 3/4" is approximately 176 glue slugs