Packaging with tape compared to packaging with hot melt

Hot Melt Versus Tape Packaging Contest

It was time for a little internal test of tape vs hot melt and we decided to capture it on video for all of our loyal readers. The contest was to calculate the cost and speed of closing three 14" cardboard boxes. After we sat down and calculated the cost difference between tape and hot melt, we really began to understand how significant the savings can be. See below...

The Results

We've got nothing against tape. In fact, we sell quite a bit of it. But, if you can move to hot melt for your packaging application, there are a number of distinct advantages. Hot melt provides a better looking packaged product, is lower cost and faster for most applications. All of this adds up to a win for hot melt if you are willing to make the change. 

Packaging with tape compared to packaging with hot melt adhesive

We have included some recommendations below for different hot melt packaging applications.

Hot Melt Handguns:

The following hot melt glue guns work well for smaller packaging operations and end of the line carton sealing.

Power Adhesives TEC 805
Surebonder Pro2-220HT

High Output Hot Melt Guns:

These hot melt guns are built to withstand an industrial environment and offer a high output per hour.

Ad Tech MT500
Power Adhesives TEC 3400
Power Adhesives TEC 6100
Surebonder PRO600
3M Polygun II

Self Contained Hot Melt Guns:

These hot melt guns have a reservoir built in that melts bulk hot melt prior to application. This type of hot melt gun allows you to use bulk hot melt for cost savings.

Glue Machinery Champ 600
Power Adhesives TEC 4500B
PAM HB 710 

Hot Melt Tanks & Tankless Systems:

For those who need hot melt ready to dispense 24/7 then using a bulk tank or tankless system is the answer.

LS10 10lb (Complete System)
Graco Invispac

We have additional options available for bulk dispensing please call 877-933-3343 and we will quote the system right for you!

Systems for Applying Hot Melt Adhesives:

Hot Melt Handguns, Roll Coaters, Benchtop Extruders, Automatic Extrusion, Fiberization System.

Top Packaging Hot Melt Sticks

Top Bulk Hot Melt for Packaging

Questions on finding the right products or moving from a tape based system? Contact one of our experts to discuss a transition or to save you money on your existing process. 

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